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The office clipboard can hold up to how many items?
When using 8.5 x 11 paper in portrait orientation for a newsletter, you should:
use 2-3 columns.
Within Word's mail merge feature, which document contains the text or formatting that remains constant?
Main document
The easiest way to perform a mail merge is to use the:
Mail Merge Wizard.
A record in a database or Word address table contains data for:
one person.
A record in a database or Word address table contains data for:
one person.
In a database you can click on a text field column heading to sort the records in what order?
Alphabetical order
A SmartArt graphic consists of:
two parts.
Because you will see the document as it will print, ______ view is the ideal view to use when learning Microsoft Word 2007.
Print Layout
The blinking vertical line where text or graphics will be inserted is called the:
insertion point.
When you start the Word program, what do you need to do to create a new document?
Start typing
A gallery displays a list of:
potential results.
Highlighting an area of text with your mouse so it can be edited, formated, copied, or moved is called:
selecting text.
In the Picture Styles Gallery, which button can you click to display additional available styles?
With the Soft Edges feature, how can you determine how far the fade goes inward from the edges of the picture?
Select the number of points.
By default, tab stops are set every:
half inch.
What can you do to remove a tab stop?
Drag the tab stop below the ruler.
Windows XP is an example of a(n) ______ that controls the hardware attached to the computer.
operating system
The _______ is the working area of the Windows XP screen.
The button used to enlarge a window to occupy the entire screen is called:
The window that diplays and asks you to make a decision about an object or topic is called a(n):
dialog box.
To move left or right to view information that extends beyond the edge of the screen, use the ______ scroll bar.
Use the ______ feature to reduce a file size that may be too large for an e-mail attachment.
A file ______ is the last 3 characters that follow the file name that identify the type of program used to create the file.
The intersection of a column and row is called a:
From the Save As dialog box, click _______ to see a list of the available storage drives.
the Save in arrow
Excel's prewritten formulas are called:
All formulas begin with the _______ sign.
= (equal)
The default format for a number typed into Excel is the _______ format.
Most business documents are:
Which line spacing is used for most college research papers and reports?
How many points are in an inch?
In Word, what is the name of a temporary storage area that holds text?
Office Clipboard
When you write a research paper or a report for college or business, you may need to use a standard style guide created by which group?
Modern Language Association
Some style guidelines may require that the page number on the first page be:
Which of the following screen elements is displayed below the Slide pane and allows you to type additional slide information?
Notes pane
Information such as the current slide number, number of slides in a presentation, and View menu is displayed in the _______.
Status bar
What action causes the following figure to appear?
Clicking the Add Effect button in the Custom Animation task pane
Which of the following is NOT an entrance effect category?
An animation is performed on an item when you:
click the left mouse button or press the Spacebar.
When the insertion point is located in the last cell of a table, pressing the Tab key:
inserts a new blank row at the bottom of the table.
To animate a chart, you display the Animate list by:
clicking on the Animations tab and clicking the Animate arrow in the Animations group.
______ identify each worksheet in a workbook and are located along the lower left edge of the workbook window.
Sheet tabs
______ is the default name for the first worksheet in a workbook.
To change the name of a sheet tab, ______ on the tab and type in the new name then press [Enter].
When a worksheet is active, the tab color displays as a(n):
In performing calculations, _______ are processed first.
expressions within parentheses
The _______ dialog box gives options on how contents on the Office Clipboard will be pasted into the worksheet.
Paste Special
In a line chart, _______ is(are) displayed along the bottom axis.