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What are urban communities like?
many people, many buildings, many ways to get around, many different kinds of jobs
Why might some people want to leave cities and move to suburbs?
Suburbs are less crowded and less expensive than cities but are on the edge of cities.
How are urban communities and suburbs different?
Urban communities have a bigger population than suburbs.
What are two reasons Chicago is a good place for business?
Two reasons Chicago is a good place for business are that it is in the center of the U.S and it has a large airport.
What is the name of a suburb north of Chicago?
The name of a suburb north of Chicago is Evanston.
What are some things you might see in Grafton?
Some things you might see are forrests, fields, bald eagles and apple orchards.
a way to move people and supplies from place to place-
such as cars, trains, boats, airplanes or wagons
What is the name of a small, rural town in Illinois?
The name of a small town is Grafton.
What is the name of a river near Grafton?
The Mississippi River
Which Great Lake is near Chicago and Evanston?
Lake Michigan
What are TWO ways that suburbs and urban communities are alike?
Suburbs and urban communities are alike because both have jobs, homes, schools, and places to shop.
the total number of people living in a specific place
an area where few people live; surrounded by country side
a community found at the edge of a city
a community where many people live close together
What is another word for urban?
Another word for "urban" is city.