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What are the food preparation stations?
Pantry, stocks & sauces, soups & hot appitizers, fish & shellfish, meat, poultry, pasta & grains, fruit & vegtables & legumes, bakery and beverage station.
What are section chefs?
In charge of one area
What is Mise en place?
French term that means "to put in place"
What is a yeild?
The number of servings or portions
What is a standardized recipe?
A set of written instructions used to consistently prepare a quantity and quality
What is a portion?
The size of the serving
What is a spring scale?
A balance that measures weight
What is an executive chef?
Coordinates kitchen activities and directs staff
What is an institutional chef?
Works with large quantities of prepackaged foods
What is a pastry chef?
Develops recipies and prepares desserts, pasties, frozen desserts
What are short order cooks?
Prepare and cook to order a variety of foods that require only a short preparation time
What is a Sous Chef?
direct assistant of the executive chef
What is the main improper food halding practice that causes food borne illness?
Improper cooling
What is the cycle of transmission?
Food handler, food and environment
What is the danger zone?
4-60 C
What is the best way to kill pathogens?
High heat
What are the types of menus?
Fixed, cylce, a la carte, semi-a-law carte, table d'hote, prix fixe and continental.
What are the parts of the meal?
Appetizer, soup, salad, entree and dessert
On a menu, what order do the dishes go in?
In the order they are consumed. Soup, salad, main course, dessert and beverage
What is a baker's percentage?
way of indicating the proportion of ingredients when making bread
First-in, first-out
What are the types of the knifes?
Chefs, utility, boning, paring, fillet, serrated, butcher
What is a serrated knife?
A blade that is toothed like a saw
What is a boning knife?
Used to remove bones from meat, fish and poultry
What is a paring knife?
Used to trim the outer layer or peal from fruits and vegtables.
What is a utility knife?
Can be used for a variety of things.
What is a fillet knife?
A 8-9 inch blade with a pointed tip.
What is a butcher knife
A knife used to cut meat.
What are the parts of a knife?
Point, tip, blade, back, cutting edge, shank, heel, rivets, handle and tang.p
What are the different knife cuts?
French fry, stick, baton, julienne, matchcut, dice, round and diagnot
What is a vegetable peeler for?
Shave fruits, veggies, carrot curls, chocolate curls.
What is a apple / fruit corer for?
Apples, pears, pineapplesor grape fruit
What is an egg slicer used for?
Round or wedge shapes, slice egg or cut wedges
What is a melon baller used for?
Cheese, butter, melons, scalloped edges
What is a wisk used for?
Think or dense sauces, batters or beat eggs
What is a Chef's fork used for?
Lift, turn or cut meat.
What is a meat tenderizer for?
Break up fibers, bruise fibers.
What are measuring spoons used for?
Measuring dry ingriedients
What is a ladle used for?
Portion liquids
What is a portion scale used for?
Weight ingriedients.
What are hotel pans used for?
Hold food
What is a stockpot used for?
Cook soups and stocks
What is a sauce pot used for?
Rangetop cooking
What is a sauce pan used for?
Cooking or heating liquids
What is a wok used for?
Rangetop cooking, tossing.
What is a roasting pan used for?
Drains fat and juices from meat and poulty
What is a sheet pan used for?
Cookies, Rolls or meats
What is a srpingform pan used for?
Soft or sticky mixes, cheesecakes
What is a loaf pan used for?
Meatloaf, breads or cake.
What is a china cap used for?
Strainer for soft food.
What are spatulas used for?
Lift or turn foods
What are pastry tools used for?
Icing, sauces, butter
What are food molds for?
Gelatins, puddings, custards.
What is work simplification?
Process for reducing the number of steps taken to complete a particular job
What is work flow?
Sequence of operations
What is pre-preparation?
Preping the food before serving it
What is a work section?
Part of a kitchen were certain type of food is being prepared.
What is a work station?
A perticular spot were one person is working
What is a cooking line?
Each person doing a particular section
What is mise en place?
"too put in place"
What are stocks?
The liquid that forms the foundation of sauces and soups
What is bouqet garni?
"garnished bouqet" bundle of herbs usually tied together with string
What is a mirepoix?
French name for a combination of onions, carrots, and celery
What is a sauce?
Liquid or sometimes semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods.
What is puree?
Vegetables or legumes, that have been ground, pressed, and/or strained
What is a roux?
Cooked mixture of wheat flour and fat
What are the types of soups?
Chowder, puree, consumme, cream, vegetable and broth.
What are closed faced sandwhiches?
The filling is covered
What are hot sandwhiches?
Basic, grilled or fried
What is a phyllo?
Dough is paper-thin sheets of raw, unleavened flour dough used for making pastries
What is a focaccia?
An Italian bread flavoured with olive oil and herbs
What are crepes?
Very thin small pancakes made with an egg batter.
What are torillas?
Flat Mexican bread.
How do you prepare ingridients?
Lettuce, rinse than spin or pat dry.
What are vinaigrettes (ingredients)?
Vinegar flavored with spice to enhance flavour.
When dressing a salad what is important?
Don't put to much on.
What are the types of salads?
Vegetable, pasta, mixed with meats, fruit salads.
What is an appetizer?
A light thing at the beginning of a meal
What is an accompaniment?
Side dish to a main dish
What is a main dish?
Featured or primary dish in a meal
What is a dessert?
Comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food
What are the attachments for the mixer?
Dough hook, wire whip and paddle
What are the ingridients in baked products?
Fat, sugar, flour, leavening
What is the difference between volume and wieght?
Volume is measured by cups, tsp, etc. Weight measured weight.
What are the types of flour?
Hard and soft
What is gluten?
Composite of the proteins gliadin and glutenin
What are the types of leaveners?
Chemical, yeast, air and steam
What the types of flour mixtures?
Dough, batters (pour batters, dump batters)
What is the blending method?
Combining dry and wet ingridients
What is the creaming method?
Combining ingridients into a smooth mixture.
What is the biscuit method?
Combining the ingridients until they are barely damp
How do you make cookies chewy?
By using less flour and bake for minimul time
What does sugar do in a baked product?
What are the types of quick breads?
Muffins, loafs, pancakes, crepes, waffles (NOT COOKIES)
What does icing do?
Enhances the finished product
What is meringue?
Stiffly beaten egg whites
What are the types of cakes?
Angel food, shortened, cheese, sponge, coffee, fruit.