Reflective Essay On Food Inc

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Reflective Journal 6- Food Inc. The rise of the fast food industry brought on an entirely new idea of how to produce food within restaurants as well as American household kitchens (Food, Inc.). This type of mass food production has allowed three major companies to dictate the entire food system and control what information is released to consumers regarding their products (Food, Inc.). This is extremely problematic because not only are consumers uneducated about the products they are buying, but there have also been extreme health consequences from the unsanitary, inhumane way America manufactures its food. Consumers have a right to know exactly where their food comes from and how it is produced. However, major companies such as Tyson …show more content…
He had gone from being perfectly healthy to dead in twelve days just by eating a burger infected with E coli (Food, Inc.). This part of the documentary is extremely heartbreaking and it makes consumers realize that we are not protected by our government when it comes to one of the essential ingredients to maintaining life and something needs to be done to prevent this incident from occurring again. However, major meat packing industries are heavily protected by the law, so it is difficult to take action or speak against these companies without facing legal penalties. The most effective and safest way to protect the health of American consumers is education. The more people that know the truth about how their food is produced and the secrets of the industry, the less people that will consume the product. Alternatively, certain benefits do arise regarding the mass production of food and genetically modified organisms. Consumers generally want the cheapest, most efficient products and it is easy to understand why some choose to ignore the facts about their food. This type of production allows a fast, easy, and cheap way to feed the growing population of citizens and it would be difficult to produce organic, non-genetically modified organisms at an affordable price for those living in

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