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Calling Population
the source of customers to a waiting line
a single witing line that forms in front of a service facility
participative problem solving
involving employees directly in the quality management process to identify and solve problems
index numbers
ratios that measure quality costs relative to some base accounting values such as salles or product units
Arrival Rate
the rate at which customers arrive at a service facility during a specified period of time
a level of quality achievement established by one company that other companies seek to achieve (i.e. a goal)
external failure costs
costs of poor quality incurred after the product gets to the customer; (customer service, lost sales)
a measure of productivity; the sum of good quality and reworked units
a measure of effectiveness in converting resources into products, generally computed as output divided by input
operating characteristics
measures of waiting line performance expressed as averages
pareto analysis
a method for identifying the causes of poor quality which usually shows the most quality problems result from only a few causes
prevention costs
costs incurred during product design and manufacturing that prevent nonconformance to specifications
production index
the ratio of quality cost to final product units
quality circle
a small voluntary group (team) of workers and supervisors formed to adress quality problems in their area
the number of sequential servers a customer must go through to recieve service
cause and effect diagram
a graphical description of the elements of a specific quality problem
acceptance sampling
a statistical procedurefor taking a random sample in order to determine whether or not a lot should be accepted or rejected
assemble to order
major subassemblies are produced in advance of a customer's order and are then configured to order
quality-productivity ration
a productivity index that includes productivity and quality costs
fitness for use
a measure of how well a product or service does what the consumer thinks it suppose to do and wants it to do
sales index
the ratio of quality cost to sales
internal failure costs
costs of poor quality products discovers during the prouction process (scrap, rework)
labor index
the ration of quality caost to direct labor hours
service time
the time required to service a customer
quality assurance
the management of quality throughout the organization
total quality management (TQM)
the management thorughout the organization at all management levels and across all areas
queue discipline
the order n which customers are served
the number of parallel servers
total quality control
a total company wide systems approach to quality developped by Feigenbaum
appraisal costs
costs of measuring, testing, and analyzing materials, parts, products, and the productive process to make sure they conform to design specifications
quality of conformance
the degree to which the product or service meets teh specifications required by design during the production process
quality of design
the degree to which quality characteristis are designed into a product or service
infinite queue
a witing line that grows to any length
finite queue
a waiting line that has limited capacity