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What should be on a letter of recommendation?
1. reason for writing letter
2. length of time worked/volunteered; purpose
3. work description, impact
4. talents, skills, traits
5. attitude towards job
What do resumes contain?
1. heading
2. job objective
3. work/volunteer experience
4. education
5. related skills/interests
6. "references available on request"
What do portfolios contain?
1. academic awards/scholarships
2. athletic awards/certificates
3. extracurricular activities
4. volunteering
What is a chronological resume?
organized employment/educational history by date (most recent 1st)
What is a functional resume?
expanded summary of qualifications, devotes space to duties and responsibilities
What is a combination resume?
both chron/func formats, list skills relevant to job first before employment history
What is an electronic resume?
computer generated resume, can be (1)saved and emailed to over 600 databases, (2)scanned and saved as data, (3)www page, or (4) scanned
How long should resumes be?
never more that a page, second page when necessary
Name 10 action words
Name 10 good descriptive words
Name 10 suggestions for interviewees
Name 5 good work habits
What are different types of work benefits?
health (medical/dental), pension plan, paid vacation, discount w/ company, workers compensation (if get hurt), union, sick time
What is networking?
making connections by KNOWING people
What does ECOS stand for?
Education and Career Operating System
Name 4 internal skills important for college
1. Planning/Having a Goal
2. Being Organized
3. time management
4. communicating
Name 4 external skills important for college
1. standing out/being positive
2. teamwork
3. networking
4. utilizing resources
Name 2 pitfalls at college
1. poor solution choices
2. not being well-rounded