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States of feeling (subjective) that can affect behavior - action oriented
two dimensions of emotion
Valence and Arousal
positive valence =
negative valence =
high arousal + positive valence =
high arousal + negative valence =
low arousal + positive valence =
low arousal + negative valence =
This part of the brain consists of bilateral almond shaped structures in the media-temporal lobe. Directly anterior to the hippocampus.
This part of the brain is critical for both the expression of fear, the experience of fear, and for recognition of fear in others. Represents a really high degree of specialization
Absence of the amygdala leads to
tameness, hypersexuality in animals
Visual Agnosia
loss of ability to visualize objects
Learned fear can occur from two different experiences
Personal Experience and Modeling
When rats have a brain lesions they lose the ability to connect the _________ with the ___________ so they ..
don't know when the shock is coming
Harry Harlow Experiment - scary robot showed us that
Evolution has programmed you to be fearful of things we should be
Rat with bilateral lesions of the amygdala
lose their innate fear so they come out and get the food
Fear Potentiated Startle: After Training a light and foot shock happens and the rat has a normal startle. but when just the light comes on the rat
Downer (1961) lesioned the monkey's right _______, disconnected the ___________ by cutting the _______ and other inter hemispheric structures
corpus callosum
In Downer (1961) what happens to the information coming through each eye? What behavior did the monkey display with left eye open? with right eye open?
Info coming through right eye only goes to right hemi and info in left only goes to the left.

Monkey with left eye open was very aggressive.
When left eye closed, they became instantly calm.
When the tone sounds in the rat information is sent to the
Auditory Thalamus
Hebbs rule
cells that fire together wire together
When the shock occurs in the rat the information goes to the
somatosensory thalamus
information converges at the ____ from there sends to the _________
lateral amygdala
central nucleus
if you lose the (central grey) periaqueductial grey you lose the
freezing response
Lateral Hypothalamus controls
blood pressure
Paraventricular Nucleus gives the (hormonal fear response)
secretion of stress hormones, oxytocin
"Low Road" (subcortical way)
Thalamus to the Amygdala
High Road (cortical processing)
Thalamus to the Cortex to the Amygdala
Hippocampus is important for
encoding of the context
located in the front of the brain and is activated when sees angry faces on the computer screen
Orbitofrontal Cortex
Disgust is located in the
Anterior Insula