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1 measure of campari

1 measure of sweet vermouth

soda water

Black Velvet

equal of champagne and Guiness are built into a beer/ highball glass

Bloody mary

1 measure of vodka

Tomato Juice

2-3 dashes worcetshire sauce

1 Dash lemon juice

Shaken, stirred or built into a glass

can contain celery salt, tabasco, and pepper

Blue lagoon

1 measure Vodka

1 Measure of blue Curacao


Garnished with a c/t cherry and slice of orange


1/3 Kahlua or coffee flavoured liqueur

1/3 Baileys

1/3 Grand marnier, Curacao or Cointreau

built in above order with baileys poured over a back of a spoon


1/3 Peach juice

2/3 Champagne

Buck's Fizz

1/3 fresh orange juice

2/3 Champagne


1/3 fresh orange juice

2/3 champagne

with a splash of orange curacao

Kir Royale

2 dashes of creme de cassis in a champagne glass topped up with champagne

Champagne cocktail

angostura bitters soaked cube of sugar

top with champagne

one teaspoon of cognac (can use grand marnier - much dryer version)

can be topped with thick or thin orange wedge

then a maraschino cherry

Brandy Alexander

1/3 Brandy

1/3 brown creme de cacao

1/3 Cream

Shaken, strained, cocktail glass and grated nutmeg to serve


1 measure of vodka

1 measure of cranberry juice

1/2 measure of cointreau/ triple sec

juice of half a fresh lime

build into a highball glass, half filled w/ ice

Cuba Libre

1 measure white rum

juice of half a fresh lime


built into a highball half filled w/ice then topped w/cola serve with lime and straws


3/4 white rum

1/4 fresh lime juice

3 dashes Gomme Syrup

Shake & strain.


2/3 Gin

1/3 Lime cordial or fresh lime juice

Traditionally shaken can, Stir and serve in cocktail glass/ on ice with a splash of soda.

(Can be made as a vodka Gimlet)


1/3 Creme de Menthe (Green)

1/3 Creme de Cacao (Clear)

1/3 Creme

Shake and Strain into a cocktail Glass

Harvey Wallbanger

1 large measure Vodka (50ml)

Orange Juice

1/2 Measure Galliano

Built into a higball half Filled with Ice, topped with the galliano.

Straws to serve.

Horses Neck

1 measure Brandy

Ginger Ale

Entire lemon peel (to spiral through Glass)

Pleace ice through lemon peel, add brandy, top w/ ginger ale

Rye Highball

(Rye and Dry)

1 Measure Rye whiskey

Ginger ale or soda water.

Glass 1/2 filled with ice, rye topped with whiskey.

stir, twist of lemon can be added to serve.