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level of interaction between objects / less interaction; low coupling is easy to troubleshoot
how different objects respond to the same command, i.e., you can give one command and two objects react differently
two versions of the same object (i.e., Secret and Top Secret)
Polymorphic Virus
mutates by modifying its own code as it travels from system to system, while still keeping the original algorithm intact; makes pattern recognition hard
Primary Key/Foreign Key
Used in a relational database. Primary points to foreign; foreign keys reference primary keys
two people try to access the same file/record (at same time) and the database locks them both out
ACID (lock controls)
Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability
Two–Phase Commit
dealing with a DB, able to apply all transactions, then it’s committed
Asynchronous token
uses CHAP; token device (something you have)
Mandatory Access Control
based on security/sensitivity labels and your clearance

Discretionary Access Control

Access is based on owners discretion

IDS in passive mode
logs suspicious activity / generates alerts if the attack is deemed to be severe
(IDS) True positive
there was an attack and IDS alerted you / malicious activity identified as malicious activity
Pre–emptive multi–tasking
operating system controls the resource
Cooperative multi–tasking
application controls the resource
Dedicated (security mode)
security clearance for all data; approved to access all data; need–to–know for all information access
System High (security mode)
security clearance for all data; approved to access all data; need–to–know for some information access
Bell La–Padula * Security Property
no write down.
Bell La–Padula Simple Security Property
there is no read up
Biba Simple Integrity Axiom
no read down
Biba * Integrity Axiom
the * means no write up
Clark Wilson
focuses on integrity (by having subjects access objects via programs).
Brewer and Nash
also know as Chinese Wall/goal is to prevent conflicts of interest
Graham Denning model (description and commands or primitive rights)
made up of subjects, objects, and rights, dealing with 8 commands or primitive rights (create/delete object; create/delete subject; read/grant/delete/transfer access rights)
Target of Evaluation (TOE)
vendor’s product that they are trying to get evaluated
Security Targets
vendor’s claim of security…what they’re planning to implement into product (“I will provide”)


Crime Prevention through Environmental Design outlines how the proper design of a physical environment can reduce crime by affecting human behavior. Basically, you design your site in a manner to prevent crime.

prolonged low voltage
Static electricity
what creates static? Low humidity (below 40%)
Different classes of fire extinguishers
A, B, C, D, K