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"yi3 B (in a sequence of examples involving ""A""
"ai1 dirt/dust/angstrom"
"dan4 dawn/morning/day-break/day"
"wei3 big/large/great"
"qiao2 bridge"
"zhen1 precious thing/treasure"
"cu4 to hurry/to rush/to hasten/near/to promote"
"jia1 excellent"
"fan2 feel vexed/to bother"
"yan1/yan4 (surname)/place name
"ji4/zhai4 offer sacrifice
"qiang2 wall"
"jing4 path"
"gou4 to buy/to purchase"
"pai1 to clap/to pat/to beat/to hit/to slap/to take (a picture)"
"chi3 a Chinese foot (M)/one-third of a meter/a ruler/a note musical note on traditional Chinese scale"
"shen1 to stretch/to extend"
"niao3 bird"
"zhong4 2nd in seniority"
"gua4 hang/suspend
"bi4 money/coins/currency"
"xi3 to wash/to bathe"
"pin2 poor"
"qi3 to open/to start"
"ju4 at a distance of/distance/to be apart"
"quan4 to advise/to urge/to try to persuade/exhort"
"chen2 5th earthly branch/7-9 a.m."
"dao4 steal/rob/plunder/a thief/bandit/robber"
"nu3 to exert/to strive"
"zhuo1 table"
"pu1/pu2 fall prostrate
"ran3 to catch (a disease)/dye"
"ting1 (reception) hall/office"
"zhen1 injection/needle/pin
"shu1 negligent/sparse/thin"
"mao4 commerce/trade"
"huang1 out of practice/uncultivated"
"cai2 cut out (as a dress)/cut/trim/reduce/diminish/decision/judgment"
"xun4 rapid"
"ge2 council-chamber/shelf"
"hui4 favor/kind act (from above)"
"chi2 late/delayed/slow"
"yan2/yan4 along
"xiang3 enjoy"
"bi4 to close/stop up/shut/obstruct"
"ce4/zhai1 the side/to incline towards/to lean/inclined/lateral/side
"ba2 pull up/pull out/select/promote"
"gong4 tribute/gifts"
"xiong1 fierce
"bu3 to catch/to seize/to capture/to catch"
"chang4 sing/to call loudly/to chant"
"cuo4 put in order/arrange/administer/execute/take action on"
"cheng2 deputy"
"chou1 to draw out/to smoke (cigarettes)/to pump"
"ke4 subject/class/lesson"
"nao4 make noise or disturbance"
"wei3 tail"
"lao4/luo4 small net
"bei1 cup/a measure word"
"heng2 to weigh/weight/measure"
"yi4 wing"
"ru3 thou"
"shao1 somewhat/a little"
"yu4 heal/the more...the more/to recover/better
"la/lan2 kohlrabi
"yan2 (surname)/color/countenance"
"xie2 demonical/iniquitous/nefarious"
"rui4 lucky/auspicious/propitious/rayl (acoustical unit)"
"chou3 2nd Earthly Branch/clown/Chou (surname)
"su4/xiu3/xiu4 lodge for the night/old/former
"bi4 wall/rampart"
"yang2 (surname)/sheep"
"fang1 fragrant"
"shou4 to sell"
"qing1 to overturn/to collapse/to lean/to tend/to incline/to pour out"
"za2/zan2 we (incl.)
"mao4 brave/bold/to cover"
"wa3 tile"
"mai4 (surname)/wheat/barley/oats"
"bin1 visitor/guest"
"mo2 devil"
"chi4 red/scarlet/bare/naked"
"mo2 rub"
"ying4 hard/stiff/strong/firm"
"shu3 office/bureau"
"si4 Buddhist temple"
"pai2 cards/game pieces/signboard/plate/tablet"
"qia4 exactly/just"
"hun2 soul"
"tou1 to steal/to pilfer"
"zi3 purple"
"huai2 name of a river"
"fu2 not"
"cai4 dish (type of food)/vegetables"
"lai2 Chenopodium album"
"she4 involve/concern/wade/to experience"
"zhu4 resident in/stationed in/located at/to station (troops)"
"yu4 prison"
"meng4 first month/eldest brother/(surname)"
"zhao1 illustrious/manifest"