Differences Between Chinese And English Language

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Alissa Wang
Mrs. Kaplowitz
Honors Ancient Literature – Block 4
01 December 2017
Battle of My Two Channels: Chinese and English English, as everyone knows is the most popular language in the world, and it is also the third most spoken language. But to your surprise, Chinese, which seems to be the most complicated language, is the most spoken language in the world. Because these two languages are too different, few people point out the actual differences and similarities between them. Though Chinese and English differed in way of writing, what the language emphasizes, and their grammar, they both have of dialects. First, these two languages differed in the ways of writing. The reason why Chinese is considered a difficult language
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Both English and Chinese have many dialects. According to “antimoon”, there are eight large types of dialects in China, which can be separated into over eighty small types of dialects. In China, every province has its own language, but they are mostly similar enough for native Mandarin speakers to understand the dialects. Some of the dialects are even easier that Mandarin or Cantonese. When most English speakers start learning Chinese, they would start by learning Sichuanese, which is easier in pronunciations for English …show more content…
No matter how different the languages are, people who speak these languages are always connected because of their loving hearts and accepting minds. What is more, the differences between languages is what makes a language unique and respectful. In conclusion, English and Chinese are different in their forms, focuses, and grammar, but similar in their variety of dialects.

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