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What is the woodward paradigm?

Habituation Preferential task

6 year olds look longer at new goal task than new path or habituation. Person grabs ball then ball in different spot then bear in ball spot.

How motivating is mom's choice?

Children 7 to 9 years old were put into 3 conditions either experimenter chose anagrams, mom chose anagram, or they personally chose anagram. Asian Americans completed more anagrams than European Americans when it was mom's choice.

Does generic language produce essentialism?

Were asked about Zarpies

When generic language was used esstenialism was more common.

What are the four types of parenting styles? (Baumrind 1971)

Authoritarian=Strict,Because I said so types

Authoritative=Strict, but explain reasons, encourage child input

Permissive=Don't set or enforce clear rules, warm and accepting

Rejecting-Neglecting=Discourage emotional dependency, rejecting

What are children of authoritative families were

1.Less hostile and resistant and more achievement oriented and independent than children of Authoritarian families

2.More dominant, purposive and achievement oriented than children of Permissive families

3.Tended to be more friendly and cooperative than children of Rejecting-Neglecting families

Does the effect of physical discipline depend on culture?

Kenya children who experienced low physical distcipline had high anxiety levels than Thailand children. However, when children experience high physical discipline Thailand children had anxiety levels than Kenya children. Negative effects of physical discipline stronger for cultures that it is non-normative than cultures where physical discipline.

Do 3 to 4 month olds form basic level categories?

Preferential looking, habituation. Familiarize with 12 different horses or cats

Tested 3 new horses, each paired with another animal: a cat, a zebra, or a giraffe.

Prefer to look at novel animal from novel category in all cases Except female lions after cats

Do words help infants form categories?

Preferential looking, habituation, 6 and 12 month olds saw a series of dinosaurs (or fish)

Test: A new dinosaur or a new fish

Yes words are better than tone f