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Michele Amitrano
the protagonist, a ten year old boy from a poor Sardinian family
Salvatore Scardaccione
Michele's ex-best friend, rich son of a lawyer, rats out Michele to Felice
Antonio Natale
Nicknamed il Teschio, a twelve year old bully who is bigger than the other kids, sexually assaults Barbara as punishment for losing a race
Remo Marzano
A weak character, a friend of Michele who he thinks is incompetent
Barbara Mura
A fat little girl who likes Michele because he stood up to il Teschio on her behalf, get picked on a lot by the others
Maria Amitrano
Michele's younger sister who always breaks her glasses and has trouble keeping up, Michele is protective of her
Emilio Scardaccione
Salvatore's lawyer father, never around at home, but buys Salvatore nice things
An old man who has a large farm with hogs, the kids tell unfounded scary stories about him
Teresa Amitrano
Michele and Maria's mother, is a stay at home mom who though she is harsh with them loves her children dearly, beats the shit out of Felice for hitting Michele
Pino Amitrano
Michele and Maria's father, one of the kidnappers, respected in Acqua Traverse, is insulted by il Vecchio, he is short, drives an old truck, and has a mustache
Felice Natale
Il Teschio's older brother, a kidnapper, beats up Michele, but is beaten by Michele's parents, is proud of his car, a Fiat 127, is 20 years old, has nobody his age in Acqua Traverse to talk to
Filippo Carducci
The rich boy who was kidnapped, his mother pleads for help on the TV, gets thrown in the hole and beaten up, starved, and loses his mind
Sergio Materia
Nicknamed il Vecchio by Michele, an ex-con and head kidnapper, has a son who moved to India into a Hari Krishna-like sect, and another he believes was murdered by his wife on his honeymoon, Michele is angry he has to sleep in the same room as him, a friend of Michele's father
Italo Natale
Il Teschio and Felice's father, isn't mentioned much, is implied to know about the kidnappings, owns dogs
Angela Mura
The mother of Barbara, has a small role and is implied to know about the kidnappings
Pietro Mura
The short, fat father of Barbara, is the resident barber of Acqua Traverse and one of the kidnappers
Antonia Ammirati
A 18 year old, red-headed girl who stays with the Scardacciones
Zia Lucilla
Salvatore's aunt, loves to cook, lives with the Scardacciones
Letizia Scardaccione
The mother of Salvatore, a fat, rich, snob
Nunzio Scardaccione
Salvatore's insane brother who was locked up in a mental hospital
the neighborhood dog