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same technique used in the Renaissance to create the illusion of height.
first book produced.
Gutenberg bible
powerful banking family from Florence.
wealthiest European of the time.
Cosimo de Medici
man who excelled in many fields.
Renaissance Man
The Courtier- taught how to achieve being a Renaissance Man.
Baldassare Castiglione
painted the Mona Lisa.
Leonardo da Vinci
painted The School of Athens.
painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
father of Renaissance humanism.
Francesco Petrarch
wrote The Decameron, which was about a rural group of people avoiding the plague.
Giovanni Boccaccio
author of The Prince which explains how a ruler can gain power and keep it.
Niccolo Machiavelli
said fear is a greater weapon than love.
Niccolo Machiavelli
German painter used religious subjects, classical myths, realistic landscapes.
Albrecht Durer
artistic center of Northern Europe.
oil paintings, unusually realistic details.
Jan Van Eyck
skilled in portraying large numbers of people.
Peter Bruegel
most famous Christian humanists.
Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas More
author of Utopia.
Thomas More
one of the first women to earn a living as a writer.
Christine de Pizan
greatest playwright of all time, displayed a masterful command of the English language.
William Shakespeare
developed the printing press.
Johann Gutenberg
"through faith alone."
Luther's teachings.
Excommunicated Martin Luther.
Pope Leo X
model city of highly moral citizens for Protestants.
Gave order to the faith Luther began.
Scottish preacher.
John Knox
followers of Calvin in France.
wrote Spiritual Exercises.
Ignatius of Loyola
a devotional study book.
Spiritual Exercises
Catholic mobs began hunting for Protestants and murdering them. Over 12,000 killed.
St. Bartholomew's day massacre
Banned the false selling of indulgences. The church's interpretation of the Bible was final. Christians need faith and good works for salvation. The Bible and church tradition were equally powerful authorities for guiding Christian life.
Council of Trent
list of books harmful to the Catholic faith. They were all burned.
Index of Forbidden Books
light, fast-sailing ship, capable of going against headwinds.
navigational device that's based off monitoring the stars. Perfected by Muslims.
Henry the Navigator Enthusiastic, patron of exploration, established a navigational school.
prince Henry
Portuguese explorer, got to the Southern tip of Africa.
Bartolomeu Dias
Southern tip of Africa.
Cape of Good Hope
first explorer to connect Europe with Asia.
Vasco da Gama
convinced Spain of a bold plan: to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean to reach Asia.
Christopher Columbus
sails along coast of South America concluding it was new land, not Asia.
Amerigo Vespucci
First European to see Pacific Ocean.
First to circumnavigate the world.
Magellan's fleet
sailed to present day Canada.
John Cabot
Sent to explore South America's west coast.
Sir Francis Drake
dutch-born explorer sent to find the Northeast Passage (failed).
Henry Hudson
claimed Canada for France.
John Cartier
colonist gets land and number of Native Americans to work the land. He then teaches them about Christianity.
encomienda system
3 Spanish advantages.
superior weapons, disease, native support
Spanish official who ruled a large area in the name of the king.
all lands west of the line belong to Spain, east of line belong to Portugal.
line of Demarcation
Spain/Portugal honor the slightly moved west line of Demarcation.
Treaty of Tordesillas
founded city of Quebec.
Samuel de Champlain
canoed down the Mississippi River. Claimed region of Louisiana for France.
Robert La Salle
first English colony.
Jamestown, Virginia
colony of pilgrims.
Plymouth, Massachusetts
British defeated the French.
French and Indian War
led expedition into Mexico that ended with the conquest of the Aztecs.
Hernando Cortes
Spanish soldier, fortune hunter who conquered natives.
led the expedition into Peru, home to the Incan Empire.
Francisco Pizarro
Incan ruler.
New France
estates where cash crops were grown on large scale.
early cash crops.
sugar or tobacco
Dutch holdings in North America.
New Netherland
buying and selling of Africans for work in the Americas.
Atlantic slave trade
transatlantic three part trading network for African slaves.
triangular trade
ships carry European goods to Africa. Middle Passage. American products are sent back to Europe (sugar, rice, tobacco).
legs of triangular trade
Africans shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to be sold as slaves.
middle passage
The horrible overseas journey.
Middle Passage
contact between Native Americans and European colonialists that led to widespread exchange of plants, animals, and disease.
Columbian Exchange
economic system where private individuals or organizations carry out activity in order to seek a profit.
investors buy shares of stock, or shares of the company.
joint-stock company
economic policy stating a nation's strength depended on its wealth. Measured by gold and silver possessed.
selling more goods than you buy.
favorable balance of trade
important taxes.
government grants of money.
this view believed colonies existed only to benefit the home countries.
mercantilist view
rebirth, explosion of art, writing, and thought.
intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements.
worldly instead of spiritual.
financial supporter of an artist.
shows 3D on a flat surface.
native language writers used.
"ideal place," imaginary land where greed, corruption, and war have been weeded out.
religious pardon.
movement for religious reform.
separate religious group that followed Luther.
Christians who belonged to non-Catholic churches.
princes agreed that each ruler would determine the religion in his state.
Peace of Augsburg
set aside if proof can be found that the marriage wasn't legal.
church of England, only legal church in England.
God has known since the beginning of time who would be saved.
religion based on predestination.
government controlled by religious leaders.
followers of John Knox.
"baptize again" in Greek.
Counter Reformation.
Catholic Reformation
followers of Ignatius of Layola, formed the Society of Jesus.