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What is one reason why European explorers came to what is now NY?
They were looking for a shorter route to Asia.
Who sailed on the Half Moon into NY Bay?
Henry Hudson
Who named a large lake in Northern NY after himself?
Samuel de Champlain
What was one of the earliest Dutch settlements in what is now NY?
New Netherland
What are three examples of major types of work in the New Netehrland settlement?
building houses, farming, and trading
Did the people of New Netherland speak many or few languages?
Many languages.
Africans in New Netherland...
1- Some came to the colony as free people. 2- The first Africans arrived as slaves. 3- Some were able to earn their freedom.
The fur trade between the colonists and Native Americans...
1- Furs were sent down the Hudson River to New Amsterdam and then shipped to Europe and sold. 2- For Orange was the key fur-trading post in New Netherland. 3- Both the Dutch and the Native Americans benefited from the fur trade.
In a patroon system, why did a patroon receive land?
A patroon received land for bringing 50 settlers to New Netherland.
What was daily life like in New Amsterdam?
1- Most families heated their homes and cooked daily meals with a huge fireplace. 2- School was closed on the first day the ponds froze each winter. 3- Boys and girls attended school three hours each morning and three hours each afternoon.
What was the main reason the English wanted to take over New Netherland?
It would give the English greater control of the east coast of North America.
How did Charles II begin to take control of New Netherland?
He gave New Netherland to his brother and sent warships to New Amsterdam.
What was life like for the Dutch under English rule?
1- They could own land. 2- The were required to swear loyaly to the English king. 3- They could keep their jobs.
What was one way Ny's economy changed under English rule?
Shipbuilding became important.