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large landmass
alluvial plain
broad expanse of rich, fertile land along a riverbank
seasonal shift in the winds of Asia
Indo-European language
roof top of the world
nickname for the Himalayan mountian range
indian subcontinent includes India and all of the following countries except
myanmar and thailand
the indian subcontinent is separated from the rest of asia by the
all of the following help form large alluvial plain in the northern region of south asia except the
krishna river
the heavy rains in south africa are due to the
summer monsoons that pick up moisture from the warm indian ocean
because the western ghats block the monsoon winds, the interior of the subcontinent has a climate that is
hot and dry
most areas of high population in south asia are located along the coastal regions and in northeastern india and bangladesh where
rainfall is abundant
most of the people in south asia make their living from
the factor that is forcing many south asias to move to cities is
lack of arable land due to a growing population
the two religions with the most followers in south asia are
hinduism and christianity