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The owner of the account and the person who signs the check
The person to whom the check is written
The bank or other financial institution that pays the check
Stop Payment Order
A written notice from the drawer telling the bank not to pay a certain check number
Certified Check
A personal check for which a bank has guaranteed payment
Cashier's Check
A check that a bank draws on it's own in-house funds ( a guaranteed check)
Traveler's Check
A special form designed for the traveler to use in making payments
Money Order
A form of payment that orders the issuing agency to pay the amount printed on the form to another party ( can be purchased by anyone, you do not have to have an account anywhere)
Writing a check for more money than is in one's account
Postdated Check
A check dated later than the date on which it is written
The crime of writing another person's signature on a check without his or her authority