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What is ethylene oxide

Gas used to sterilize surgical instruments and other supplies

What action do you take if you find a hole in a sterile packet?

Rewrap the equipment
What indicates that the sterilized pack has been exposed to steam?

the appearance of dark stripes on the autoclave tape will appear
What temperature water do you use when sanitizing surgical equipment?

Cold Water
When performing surgical hand washing what is washed and for how long?
hands and forearms, 5-10 minutes
how much pressure should an autoclave reach


Cold water is used to do what to surgical equipment prior to sterilization

Rinse off equpiment

what is the best method to determine sterilization

culture test
When sterilized equipment from the autoclave reaches the expiration date what must be completed

What is disinfection

Killing or rendering inert most but not all pathogenic microorganisms, not spores or viruses
what appliance is used to sterilize medical instruments with steam under pressure?

The Autoclave

What piece of surgical equipment should close in a smooth, even manner with no nicks or snags?



destroys microorganisms and spores

Type of sterilization indicators

Tape and strips

What is the best way to maintain a healthful, disease free environment


should be used during any office surgical procedure, when handling sterile instruments to be used for incisions and excisions into body tissue, and when changing wound dressings

Surgical asepsis/sterile technique
An example of sanitization is to

wash your hands and wipe down surfaces
An example of cleaning a hospital room is an example of

The process, act, or technique for destroying microorganisms using heat, water, chemicals, or gases

what prevents transmission of pathogenic microbes to or from patients

surgical asepsis

What are the principals sterilizing agents

Steam under pressure

dry heat

ethylene oxide gas

liquid chemicals

What temperature must the autoclave meet to work properly

250 degrees

How is autoclave tape used

on the outside of wrapped instruments
how are sterilization indicators used

placed inside the pack to indicate sterility of contents
What type of water should be used in the autoclave

What are the specifications for the autoclave

30 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 15 lbs of pressure
The timer of the autoclave should not be set until when

the proper temperature has been reached

Records on sterile items should include

date and time of sterilization

description of load

exposure time and temperature

results of sterilization indicator

name of operator

expiration date