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What does the electron dot diagram tell you about bonding?
It tells you the number of valence electrons and if it is stable or unstable.
A charged group of atoms

polyatomic ion

A compound composed of two elements

binary compound

A molecule with partially charged areas

polar molecule

a positively or negatively charged particle


a chemical bond between oppositely charged ions

ionic bond

a bond formed between shared electrons

covalent bond
a crystalline substance that contains water


a particle made of covalently bonded atoms


indicates how many electrons must be lost, gained, or shared to achieve stability

oxidation number

shows which elements are in a compound and their ratios

chemical formula
Which elements are least likely to react with other elements?

noble gases

What is the name of CuO?

Copper (II) Oxide
What is a nonpolar molecule?

a molecule that shares electrons, will have like charges

Ex: N2

How many valence electrons are in the Halogen group?


How many valence electrons are in the Noble Gases group?

What is special about the noble gases?

They have a full outer shell making them stable.

What is a binary ionic compound?

A compound composed of two elements with an ionic (gain or lose) bond.
What is an anhydrous compound?
A compound that does not contain water.
An atom that has gained an electron is___

a negative ion

An atom that has lost an electron is ___

a positive ion

What is a triple bond?

A bond that shares 3 pairs of electrons
What is a double bond?

A bond that shares 2 pairs of electrons

What does the chemical formula tell you?

What elements are present and exact number of atoms for each element.
Draw the dot diagram for Phosphorus

Draw the electron dot model for H2O.

Draw the electron dot model for NaCl.

Ions are formed when you ___________
gain or lose an electron during an ionic bond