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An arrest for a new crime is

most likely to lend to parole revocation

when parole officers lay a role of

cop, they can restrict many aspects of the parolee's life and initiate revocation for violations.

are high priority needs for many offenders subsequent to release from prison

Education, a job, money

Requirements and rules designed a aid readjustment to society and control parolee movement are called

conditions of release

Research has shown that post release supervision is

limited in its effectiveness

one major worry for the public that concerns parolees

is violence on release

the vast majority of offenders released from prison remain

under correctional authority for some time

Residential centers tend to be

unpopular with the local community

NIMBY stands for

not in my backyard

The word used to describe the parole status of people who fail on parole is


when offenders work and live at home during the week then return to the prison for the weekend it is a

work furlough

parole is often viewed as


what civil liberties are lost when a person commits a felony?