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organized violence against Jews
Trans-Siberian Railway
the world's longest continuous rail line began in 1891 and was done in 1904
Russia's first parliament, wanted Russia to become a constitutional monarchy similar to Britain
Provisional government
temporary government
local councils consisting of workers, peasants, soldiers
Joseph Stalin
cold, hard, impersonal, from 1922 to 127 Stalin began his ruthless climb to the head of the government
Collective farms
large, government-owned farms
a class of wealthy peasants
Great Purge
a campaign of terror launched by Stalin
Socialist realism
artistic style that praised Soviet life and Communist values
(Nationalist Party) pushed for modernization and nationalization
Sun Yixian
first great leader of the kuomintang, was a physician, succeeded in overthrowing the last emperor of the Qing dynasty
Mao Zedong
young schoolteacher who had studied at Beijing University, supported the student protesters, later became a Communist leader
May Fourth Movement
the demonstrations spread to other cities and exploded into a national movement that workers, professionals etc. joined the cause
Long March
Communist Party's hazardous, 6,000-mile-long journey
Mohandas K. Gandhi
leader of the independence movement who formed ideas, then went to law school in England, and had a religious approach
Civil disobedience
deliberate and public refusal to obey an unjust law
Mustafa Kemal
brilliant commander who led Turkish nationalists in overthrowing the last Ottoman sultan
Command economy
system in which the government made all economic decisions
"holy man" mysterious man who claimed to have magical healing powers (helped Alexis who was Nicholas & Alexandra's son because he had hemophilia)