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4 Functions of Ab

Toxin neutralization


Complement fixation

Ab-dependent cell cytotox

What Ig Fix complement

IgG and IgM

What Ig mediated ADCC


What is the function of IgE

release Inflam. molecules from granulocytes to kill parasites

What is the funciton of IgA

Major Ig in bodily secretions; block entry of bacteria and toxins to the blood stream

What is the role of FcR (3)

  • Phagocytosis of Ab-Ag complexes by Macrophages
  • Transcytosis of Ab through epithelial layers
  • Lysis of Ab-bound NK cells (ADCC)

T/F ITAM is activating

T; ITIM inhibiting

3 Effector CElls

NK cells - have both innate and adaptive



Effector cells express higher levels of ____

Cell-adhesion molecules

T/F Effector cells traffic the same as non effector cells


2 Methods of CTL induced death



Steps of perforin mediated CTL (5)

  1. TCR-MHC recognition
  2. formation of CTL/Target conjugates and immune synapse formation
  3. Granule release
  4. Dissociation of the CTL from Target
  5. Death of target

Fas-FasL is similar

T/F NK cells also use Perforin or Fas/FasL


What do NK cells target*

Cells that have lose MHC 1 - Ubiq. Self protein

2 structural groups of NK cells

1) Lectin-like

2) Ig Like

Similarities between TC and NKC

  1. Both express invariant TCR
  2. Share common markers
  3. Exhibit both Cytotoxic and helper functions
  4. Both use Fas-FasL

How to measure Cytotox?

1) MLR (Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction)

2) CML (cell mediated lympholysis)

{CML uses radioactivity/fluor.}

Blocking FCGR3 and CD23 would affect?

Opsonization and ADCC - FCGR3

NOT Complement and neutralization - Not FCG dependent

Blocking CD23 has no effect

CD23 is inhib, if anything increases

T/F Activation of FcR always leads to internaliztion and destruction

F; FCGR2/CD23 is inhib

T/F Only CTLs use perforin

F; NK cells can as well

What R do human NK cells express?


What do mitomycin do?

blocks proliferation of lymphocytes

NOTE: Make sure to determine whether you are looking at PROLIFERATION ASSAYS OR LYSIS CAPABILITY

How can you test whether a mouse has Th and Tc cells specific for influenza

  1. For Tc - CML by incubating spleen from infected mouse ,with mouse with flu-infected syngenic cells
  2. For Th - incubate spleen from infected mouse, with APCs; meausure IL-2

What signal is stronger in NK cells killing or anti-killing


How do NK cells kill

They down-regulate MHC 1 which no longer stimulate the INHIB R

Take off the brakes

T/F Target cells of Killing express Fas

T; Fas L on T cell

The stimulation of CD40 on APC by CD40L on Th1 or Th17 leads to what?

increased 80/86; licensing

TCR activation facilitaes conformational changes in _____ which increases affinity for ______



What method is used for Proliferation of T cells?

What method is used for Cytotox. of T cells?

What method is used for T Cell response?

Thymadine uptake

Cr release

fluorescent MHC-tetramer

What is the role of many complexes of MHC on the fluorescent tool

Inreases avidity

Steps of MHC-Tetramer

  1. Attach MHC1 with specific peptide
  2. Attach to biotin
  3. add to strepavidin (fluorescent)
  4. if the MHC1-TCR happens it will fluoresce (use flow)

Major cytokine produced by NKC


What cytokines stimualte by NK cells*?

IFN-a, IL-2, IL-12

Happens early

What happens when NK cell is presented with Ag in presence of MHC1

Inhib reigns supreme and there is no killing

Evidence for NK memory*

  1. NK1.1 is a flow marker for NK cells
  2. When in contact with infected cell they proliferate
  3. Repeat infections are fast, efficeint, and long lived

Transfer to immunodef. mice provides protection!

When we compare survival percentage of NK cells what seem to be true

(Further evidence of memory)

10,000 memory had more robust response than 100,000 naive

T/F NK cells and CTLs have common markers like CD2, IL-2RB; share common killing pathways, and have similar precursors


Do NK develop in the thymus? NKT?


NKT - Yes

Do NKT cells have elements of TCR? NK?


NK - no

NKT more like T cell in terms of markers or NK ?


What presents to NKT?


Activation of FCG leads to what?

Activation of cytokine production/ inc. phagocytic activity/lysis by Granuloctyte/MAC/NK

Lyn --> SYK --> effector function