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Define Circular Muscles

Muscles that act as valves (Sphincters) to open or close openings.

Open and Closes.

Define Parallel

Fascicles are parallel to the long axis.


Define Pennate

Fascicles are arranged to form a Common Angle with the tendon.

Define Convergent

A broad area of the muscle converges on narrow site of a tendon.

Define Agonist Muscle

Prime mover, Example: Biceps Brachii

Define Synergist

Muscle assists to the primary muscle for a same action.

Define Antagonist

Muscle opposes the action of another muscles, example: Triceps Brachii/ Biceps Brachii.

The bones in the body, which serve as levers in the body...

A. Change the direction of movement.

B. Change the distance of movement produced by a force.

C. Change the speed of movement produced by a force.

D. All of the Above.

D. All the above.

First Class levers...

A. The fulcrum is between the effort (force) and resistance. [E-F-R]

B. Example: The head resting on the vertebral column.

Second Class Levers...

A. The resistance (Load) is between fulcrum and effort [F-R-E]

B. Example: Standing on the toes by contracting the calf muscles.

Third Class Levers...

A. The most COMMON Class.

B. The effort id between the fulcrum and the resistance [F-E-R]

C. Examples: Flexion the forearm

Give me some terms that are used to describe the shape of muscles.

Trapezius, Piriformis, Splenius, Deltoid


What is the term used for "Muscles of the tongue"?


What is the term used for "Muscles of the Chest"?


Muscles of Facial Expression include?

Buccinator, Depressor Labii Inferior, Levator Labii Superior

Mentalis, Orbicularis Oris, Risorsius,

Zygomaticus, Corrugator Supercilii, Platysma,

Levator Palpebrae Superioris.

The "Kissing Muscle" that p the lip is the...

Orbicularis Oris

The muscle that wrinkles the brow is the...

Corrugator Superficilii

Define the Mentalis Muscle.

The mentalis muscle inserts on the skin of the chin and functions to elevate and protrude the lip.

The Procerus inserts where? && What is its functions?

The Procerus inserts on the Cartilage of the Nose, to move the nose and change position of the nostrils.

Think of the nose.

The muscles of the head and neck function in...

Verbal communication, nonverbal communication, feeding, and controlling the eye ball.

The six extrinsic eye muscles include...

A. Superior Rectus (eye look superiorly)

B. Inferior Rectus (eye looks inferiorly)

C. Lateral Rectus (eye looks laterally)

D. Medial Rectus (eye looks medially)

E. Superior Oblique (eye rolls, looks inferiorly and laterally)

F. Inferior Oblique (eye rolls, looks superiorly and laterall

Muscle of the eye, and their function.

Eye looks Superiorly

Superior Rectus

Eye look inferiorly

Inferior Rectus

Eye look laterally

Lateral Rectus

Eye look medially

Medial Rectus

Eye rolls, Looks inferiorly and laterally

Superior Oblique

Eye rolls, looks superiorly and laterally

Inferior Oblique

The action of the splenius when acting together is to..

Extend the head and vertebral column.

To extend what?

The action of the splenius when acting singly...

is to laterally flex and rotate the head.

The scalenes have their origin on the...

Transverse process of the cervical vertebrae.

Muscles for chewing (Mastication) Include: (3 of them)

A. Masseter

B. Temporalis

C. Lateral Pterygoid.


Elevates the mandible and closes the jaw.



Inserts to the coracoid process of the mandible to elevate the mandible.


Lateral Pterygoid:

Opens the Jaw


What is the strongest jaw muscle?

The Masseter.

Closing Muscle.

What is the action and purpose of the Digastricus Muscle?

To open the mouth by elevating the larynx and depressing the mandible.

What is the muscle that elevates the tongue?

The Palatoglossus

What muscle retracts the tongue?

The styloglossus

What muscle depresses and protracts the tongue?

The genioglossus

What muscle depresses and retracts the tongue?

The hyoglossus

Most of the muscles of the neck insert to the hyoid bone, except...

The stylothyroid that inserts to the thyroid cartilage of larynx.

The _________ intercostal has its insertion on the cartilage of the ribs and interfere with the ability to breathe. (Inhalation)

The external intercostal...

The _______ intercostal has its insertion on the cartilage of the ribs and interfere with the ability to breathe. (Exhalation)

The Internal intercostal...

Where is the Quadratus Lumborum Located?

The origin is located at the Iliac crest.

The Muscles of the UROGENITAL TRIANGLE include...

A. Ischiocavernosus, bulbospongiosus (for ejaculation, erection, and orgasm when contracted.)

B. Perineus muscle group

C. External urethral sphincter

The muscles in the ANAL TRIANGLE include...

A. External anal sphincter

B. Levator ani

C. Coccygeus

The __________ functions to retract the anus during defecation. Its insertion is at the coccyx bone.

Levator Ani

The action of the Serratus anterior includes...

Protracts the shoulder, abducts and medially rotates the scapula.

The ___________ adducts and rotates the scapula laterally.


Name of the muscle

The action of the __________ is to abduct the upper arm.


The action of the _____________________ muscle if to adduct the upper arm.

Pectoralis Major.

The _______________ inserts on the coracoid process of the scapula. Therefore it depresses and protracts the shoulder.

The Pectoralis Minor

The ____________________ is to FLEX and ADDUCT the palm.

Flexor Carpi Ulnaris

The _____________________ is to FLEX and ABDUCT the palm.

Flexor Carpi Radialis

Rotator cuff muscles originate on the scapula. What are the names of these muscles?

Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor, and Subscapularis.

True Or False.

The Teres Major is a rotator cuff muscle?

FALSE. The teres major is mostly the role of helping to provide the movement of the humerous.

The Flexor Pollici Longus inserts on the ___________ of the thumb.

Distal Phalanx

The ___________ acts to ADDUCT the thumb, the _____________ acts to ABDUCT the thumb.

Adductor Pollicis/ Abductor Pollicis

The muscles that extend the arm while doing push-up is the _____________.

Triceps Brachii

The muscle that inserts on the acromion and scapular spine is the ________.


The inferior rami of the pubis and ischium are the origin of the ___________.


Hamstring Muscles include: (there are three)

A. Biceps Femoris

B. Semimembranosus

C. Semitendinosus

The muscles to unlock the knee join is the _________.

Popliteus muscle.

What muscles make up the Quadriceps Muscles?

A. Vastus Lateralis

B. Vastus intermedius

C. Castus Medialis

D. Rectus Femoris

What is the difference between Rectus Femoris and Biceps Femoris?

Biceps Femoris: Located in the Hamstrings

Rectus Femoris: Located in the Quadriceps

What is the sight for IM injections for infants and children?

The Vastus Lateralis

Think Quadriceps

The muscle that opposes the gastrocnemius (Posterior) is the...

Tibialis anterior (anterior)

Action of the _______________ is dorsiflexion of foot and invertion of foot at intertarsal joint.

Tibialis Anterior

Action of the ________________ is Plantarflexion of foot at ankle joint and flex leg at knee joint.


Muscles located entirely within an organ are called _________________.

Intrinsic Muscles

What muscles act to adduct the thigh?

Pectineus, Iliacus, Psoas, and Piriformis.

What muscles act to flex the leg?

Hamstring muscles, Gracilis, and Sartorius

The _______________ muscles compresses the abdomen.

Transverse Abdominis

Define and Describe the Iliotibial Tract.

A. The group of collagen fibers that provide lateral brace for the knee especially when balancing on one leg.

B. An insertion of the gluteus maximus muscle.

The ____________ muscle acts to Flex and Adduct the thigh.

Pectineus Muscle

The __________ muscle acts to Flex and Adduct the Arm (humerus).


The muscles that lateral rotate the thigh include _________, ________________, _____________.

Gluteus Maximus, Obturator Internus, and Obturator Externus.

The muscles that adduct the thigh include ____________, ______________, ________________, _____________.

Pectineus, Iliacus, Psoas, And Piriformis.