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Another name for a voluntary muscle
Striated Muscle and Skeletal Muscle
Intercalated Disks are found in
Cardiac Muscle
This type of muscle tissue contains straitions
Voluntary Muscle and Cardiac Muscle
Another name for visceral muscle is
Smooth Muscle
In the bending of the elbow
The biceps brachii is the prime mover
In extending the elbow
The triceps brachii is the prime mover
The triceps brachii and the biceps brachii
are antagonist to each other
Tonic contractions
help to maintain posture
During strenuous exercise
An oxygen debt can occur and lactic acid can be created in the muscle
Which of the following does not happen when a muscle contracts?
The muscle cells partially contract based on the amount of resistance
Lifting a book off the desk is an example of this type of contraction
Muscle hypertrophy
is an increase in muscle size
Endurance training results in
An increase in blood vessels to a muscle
Strength training causes
muscle hypertrophy
Marathon runner has
more mitochondria in each muscle cell and more muscle cells
Weight lifter has
larger muscle cells
The movement that is opposite flexion is
Shaking your head "no" is this type of movement
Autoimmune condition characterized by muscle weakness, especially in face and throat
Myasthenia Gravis