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operations management

design, direction, & control of processes that transform inputs into services/products for internal/external customers

supply chain management

synchronization of a firm's processes with supplies & customers to match flow of materials, services, & info customer demand

integration of what 3 functional areas of business?





takes 1+ inputs, transforms them, & provides 1+ outputs for customers

difference between service & manufacturing process?

manufacturing process:
-physical durable output

-output can be inventoried

-long response time

-capital intensive

-quality easily measured

-intangible, perishable output

-output cannot be inventoried

-short response time

-labor intensive

-quality not easily measured

competitive priorities

critical dimensions that a process or supply chain MUST possess to satisfy internal/external customers

competitive capabilities

cost, quality, time, & flexibility dimensions that a process or supply chain ACTUALLY possesses & is able to deliver

low-cost operations definition & example

delivering a service or a product at the lowest possible cost

ex: costco


top quality definition & example

delivering an outstanding service or product

ex: Rolex


consistent quality definition & example

producing services or products that meet design specifications on a consistent basis

ex: McDonald's


delivery speed definition & example

quickly filling a customers order

ex: Dell or Amazon


on-time delivery definition & example

meeting delivery-time promises

ex: UPS


development speed definition & example

quickly introducing a new service or product

ex: ZARA


customization definition & example

satisfying the unique needs of each customer by changing service or product designs

ex: Ritz Carlton


variety definition & example

handling a wide assortment of services or products efficiently

ex: Amazon or grocery stores


volume flexibility definition & example

accelerating or decelerating the rate of production of service or products quickly to handle large fluctuations in demand

ex: USPS

Making It Work Steps (5 steps)

1. identify

2. measure

3. capability (current state)

4. gap

5. action (future state recommendation)


definition & equation

the value of outputs produced / value of input resources

productivity = output/input

multi-factor productivity


multi-factor productivity = value of output /
labor cost + materials cost + overhead cost