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5 Areas in Champagne
Montagne de Reims
Vallee de la Marne
Cote des Blanc
Cote de Sezanne
Aube/ Cote des Bars
2 Areas in Champagne that produce most of the black grapes
Montagne de Reims
Vallee de la Marne
Most Important river in Champagne
What does CIVC stand for?
Comite Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne
Grapes grown in Champagne
Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay
What does "echelle" mean?
It's a grading system that fixes prices. Vineyards that are graded 100% can sell their grapes for 100% of the fixed price. The ratings are 100-80.
Define CM
Cooperative de Manipulante
-made by a cooperative
Define NM
Negociant Manipulant
-sold under the name of the house that made it
Define RM
Recolant Manipulant
produced by a grower from their own grapes
Define MA
Marque d'Acheteur
-Champagne has been bought from a producer and sold under another name
ex- a supermarket chain
Define SR
Societe de Recoltant
- sold under the name of a company created by growers who are of the same family
Define NR
Negociant Distributeur
-Company sells champagne it did not make to others who then retail it.
Define La Methode Champenoise
-secondary fermentation happens in the bottle
-only method allowed by CIVC
Is malolactic fermentation allowed in Champagne
Yes it is usually either allowed to happen or induced.
Define liqueur de triage
liquid sugar, yeast, tannins and filling added to stimuate second fermentation.
What happens if too much yeast is added to the bottle for the second fermentation?
The bottle may explode.
Define remuage
movement of all sediment and dead yeast cells into a plastic cup under the crown top for removal.
What is a gyropallette, or a girosol?
A machine for riddling the Champagne bottles- Mechanical remuage
Define degorgement
removal of sediment from champagne bottle after second fermentation
What are two methods of degorgement?
traditional, a la volee:
- remove the closure while turing the bottle neck upwards, allowing sediment and a small amount of wine out of the bottle.

a la glace
-bottle necks are placed in a shallow trough of freezing mixture making a pellet of wine below the sediment. When the bottle is opened the ice-ball and sediment are blown out by the pressure.
What is dosage?
sweekented wine added after degorgement that determines the style of the champagne (Brut, Sec, Doux etc)
Describe the transfer method of sparkling wine production
Sparkling wine is made in the traditional way then transfered to larger or smaller bottles under pressure.
Who was Dom Perignon
Cellar master at the abbey in Hautvillers 1670-1715.
He invented la methode champenoise
Who now owns the abbey in Hautvillers?
Moet and Chandon
Who was Madame Nicole-Barbe Clicquot-Ponsardin
the person who developed and invented remuage
What is Blanc de Blanc?
made only from Chardonnay grapes.
Mostly from Cotes des Blancs
What is Blanc de Noirs?
made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier
What is Rose Champagne?
Made by blending 8-9% Coteaux Champenois Rouge in to Champagne before bottling
What is Coteaux Champenoise?
Still wine from Champagne
What is Blocage?
System of putting wine in reserve in good years to use in poor years
What is cremant?
sparkling wine from other regions in France using la methode traditionelle
What is Cava?
Sparkling wine from Spain made with the traditional method
What is vinos espumosos?
sparklign wine from Spain made by any method besides the traditional method
Describe the Cuve Close or Charmat process for making sparkling wine
-produced by bulk in a tank.
-still wine is pumped into tanks with sugar and yeast.
-wine is drawn off under pressure, filtered and bottled
Describe the Transversage method
The secondary fermentation is carried out in the bottle, wine is chilled and then put in a tank, then filtered and rebottled.
-often used for large format bottles
Describe Methode Dioise Ancestrale
-Bottle the wine before it has finished fermenting.
-degourged before the sugar and yeast are used up (generally sweeter styles are produced)
-filtered and rebottled with no liquer d'expedition
What is liquer d'expedition?
another name for dosage, sweetened wine added after degorgement to determine style of sparkling wine
Describe the Carbonation method for producing sparkling wines
-quickest and cheapest wines
-fat flabby bubbles that don't last
-chilled wine is pumped with CO2.
A french term for slightly sparkling
What is Perlant
a french term for very slightly sparkling
A German term for slightly sparkling
What is Schaumwein?
low quiality sparkling wine from Germany
What is Perlwein?
German slightly sparkling wine, made by the carbonation method
What is a German term for sparkling?
What is a portuguese term for sparkling?
What is an Italian term for sparkling?
What is a Spanish term for sparkling?