Sasquatch Q & A: Choosing New Year's Champagne Analysis

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Sasquatch Q&A: Choosing New Year's Champagne

New Year's Eve is a special time when people get together to reflect upon the past year and toast the upcoming one so be ready with lots of fizzy drinks that are kept perfectly icy cold.

So be prepared with lots of ice in your 75-Quart Avenger Cooler, because nobody likes luke warm Champagne.

What to drink?

Paws down my drink of choice on New year's Eve is Champagne.

The bubbly wine has been associated with aristocracy and Holywood elite alike and celebrations are marked with it's opening and drinking .

It is seen as a status symbol and according to Kolleen M. Guy, author of “When Champagne Became French” “it marks both the joy and sanctity of the occasion.”

“Champagne does this
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Colder temps slow fermentation during the winter but when the weather warms up in the spring, the fermentation begins again.

The CO2 built up and literally blew corks from bottles when it was first commercially produced.

Workers had to wear masks for protection from exploding glass.

Different Types of Champagne?
Champagne is a place not a style and only sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France can be labled as "Champagne".
There is great sparkling wine from Calfornia but it cannot be called "Champagne".

Blanc de Blancs
It means "white from whites" in French, and is made exclusively from bright, dry Chardonnay grapes.
A blanc de blancs Champagne is light and dry and appeals to the masses.
It is elegantly subtle and pairs well with food from crab and gruyere stuffed mushroom caps to pigs in a blanket.

Blanc De Noirs
It means "white wine from red grapes" in French, and it is made from red Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
Blanc de noirs are made by removing the skins from the juice after the grapes have been
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NV means Non-Vintage, which is a blend of more than one year or vintage, so producers can to make a consistent wine each year.
Non-Vintage Champagne tends to have a fruitier and less yeasty flavor.

Sweet or Dry?
Champagnes and other sparkling wines have labels to let you know how sweet or dry they are and the order from dry to sweet is:
Extra Dry or Extra Sec
And just an FYI "Brut" is drier than "Extra Dry."

Temperature to Serve?
Champagne should be served very cold between 43 and 48 degrees F so put them in your Avenger Coolers with lots of ice at least 2 hours ahead of midnight.

How to Open a Bottle?
1. Peel the foil wrapper
2. Unwind the wire cage
3. Drape a towel over the bottle
4. Point the bottle away from people at a 45 degree angle
5. Plave thumb over top of cork
6. With a firm grip, gently twist the bottle, not the cork
7. Listen for a soft pop, pour and enjoy!

Amateur Night

People who never drink all year long feel the need to drink way too much for those 4 hours leading up to the ball drop and will pay for it dearly the next

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