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What is the surface area of the skin?
2 meters
The skin bye itself weighs how much?
9 pounds
How much is the skin of your whole body weight?
What is the skin called?
the integument (covering)
Is the skin tough?
Yes, the skin is very pliable and very tough.
What is the skin composed of?
the epidermis and the dermis
What is the outter most layer and what is it made of?
Epidermis ; made up of epithelial cells
What is the bulk of the skin and what is it composed of?
Dermis ; fibrous connective tissue
Which of the two is vascularized?
Which one gets nutrients by diffusion?
What is subcutaneous tissue just deep to the skin called?
hypodermis; is not considered skin but shares qualities
What is the hypodermis made mostly of?
adipose tissue (fat); this anchors skin and allows it to slide
As weight is gained what does the hypodermis do?
It gets thicker.
In females, where does the subcutaneous fat first accumulate?
in the thighs and breasts.
In males. whers does the subcutaneous fat first develope?
anterior abdomen (beer belly)
What is thick keratinized stratified squamous epithelium?
what are the 4 cell types?
keratinocytes, melanocytes, merkel cells, Langerhans' cells
What is the most abundant epidermal cell?
What is the kerotinocytes major role?
to produce keratin for protection
What are the kerotinocytes connected by?
When the keratinocytes reach the surface of the skin what happens?
they die
When do you get a totally new epidermis?
every 35 to 45 days
What is the growth of the epidermis controlled by?
(EGF) epidermal growth factor
What epidermal cell synthesizes the pigment melanin?
Where are melanocytes found in and what do they look like?
found in the deepest layers and they are spider shaped. The branches touch all of the kerotinocytes.
What is the melanocytes pigment made in, and what usually happens to the pigment?
It is made in glanules called melanosomes; they are sometimes sloughted off
What are the melanocytes engulfed by?
the kerotinocytes
What are the melanocyes used for?
used as protection for the nucleus from UV radiation
How many melanocyte cells does every human have?
All humans have relatively the same # of these cells.
Skin coloration and race depend on what when it comes to melanocytes?
It depends on the activity or speed of the breakdown.