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one factor that aroused Soviet suspicions of the Western Allies during world war 2 was
the western allies long delay in opening a second front in western europe
by 1947 the intense rivalry between the soviet union and the united states was called
the cold war
joseph stalins primary goal after world war 2 was to
ensure friendly governments on its borders in eastern europe
what allowed the united states to emerge from world war 2 as the most powerful nation in the world?
it had both a monopoly on atomic weapons and expanded production capacity
why did joesph stalin feel that U.S. foreign policy after the world war 2 was hypocritical?
Americans demanding democratic elections in Eastern Europe but supporting friendly dictatorships in Latin America
the allies divided germany in 1946 because
they could not agree on the countrys future
the U.S. government's policy of containment was first implemented when president Truman asked congress to send military and economic missions and $400 million in aid to
Greece and Turkey
what message did president Truman emphaize when he presented the domino theory to congress in 1947?
he warned that if greece fell to the rebels, confusion and disorder might well spread throughout the entire middle east
european nations used most of the funds provided by the american marshall plan of 1948 to
stimulate their economies and buy american products
how did president Truman respond to the soviet blockade of west berlin in 1948 and 1949?
he ordered the airlifting of more than two million tons of goods to west berliners
why did president Truman approve the development of hydrogen bomb in 1949?
the united states had confirmed that the soviets had detonated an atomic bomb
the purpose of the national security act of 1947 was to
place oversight of all branches of military under secretary of defense
the peacetime military alliance created by the united states, canada, and western european countries to deter attacks from the soviet union was the
north atlantic treaty organization
the central intelligence agency was established to
gather information relevant to the national defense and to perform any functions and duties related to intelligenct affecting the national security
how did the collapse of the nationalist government in china influence american actions in asia in 1949?
the focus of u.s. foreign policy shifted to japan
what was presidents Truman's initial response to the Israeli declaration of statehood in 1948?
Truman quickly recognized Israel and pledged to make its defense a cornerstone of U.S. policies in the Middle east
in the post world war 3 economy,
womens earning saw significant decline
which of the following was among the factors responsible for the postwar economic boom in the unites states?
war torn countries spending on american products
the GI bill help to boost the U.S economy after world war 2
with the provision of job training, education, and low interest home loans
the executive order president Truman issued in 1948 during his reelection campaign was designed to
desegregate every aspect of the american armed services
congress rejected a number of president Trumans fair deal proposals, including
civil rights measures and federal aid to education
which of these men was the most infamous crusader aganist communism after world war 2?
Joseph R. McCarthy
during the anti communist scare of the late 1940s and early 1950s
federal employees were investigated, people were blacklisted, and homosexuals were harassed
U.S. military action in korea in 1950 was triggered by
the invasion of south korea by troops from communist north Korea
why did U.S. policymakers support a non communist south korea?
they believed south korea was key to the revival of the Japanese economy and crucial to U.S. defense strategy in Asia
in his campaign for the presidency in 1952, Dwight D. Esienhower emphasized
the threat of communism and the need to win decisively in Korea
one consequence of the Korean War was a
massive increase in U.S. defense spending