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which amendment says that the government must follow due process of law before punishing a person for committing a crime?

The 14th Amendment

What is the difference between substantive and procedural due process?

Procedural-fair methods

Substantive- fair policies

Exclusionary Rule

Evidence illegally obtained may not be used

Writ of habeas corpus

court order commanding an officer imprisoning someone to explain why the prisoner shouldnt be released

What is the job of the grand jury?

Deciding if someone can be accused of a serious crime

13th Ammendment

Ended slavery and involuntary servitude

Furman v Georgia

Gov. struck down existing state laws allowing the death penalty

4th Amendment

to search, you need a warrant

6th ammendment

guarentees the right of a speedy trial

Bill of Attainder

punishing people for a crime without trial.