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A case study is...

An in-depth investigation of a single individual, group/community, event or an institution.

Subject is...


Researchers construct...

A case history by gaining information from a number of sources and research methods.

Information is mostly...

Qualitative but some can be quantitative.


Subjects are followed for an extended period of time.


Information is gathered after the event.

Advantage: Allow research of sensitive areas

May not be able to research experimentally die to ethical issues. Opportunity to study rare behaviours.

Advantage: Useful starting point for further research

Can highlight behaviours which can then be used to create a future hypothesis and be tested using alternate methods. Allow thorough exploration.

Disadvantage: Highly subjective

Researcher works closely with subject, becomes less impartial, can influence data recording, especially in cases with children. Accounts from people close to subject can be prone to inaccuracy and memory decay. May be biased and unreliable.

Disadvantage: Unrepresentative

Small sample size and unusual nature so can't be repeated. Findings may not be generalized.