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What was the diagnosis of Jimmy in the Lost Mariner?
The mammillary bodies (cell groupings) connected to hippocampus died so that it doesn't function properly.
"Korsakoff's Syndrome"
What can be done for Jimmy in the Lost Mariner?
No way to fix, just must be taken care of and adjust.
He gets used to not knowing (at first was agitated).
He has Korsakoff's Syndrome.
What were the symptoms of Jimmy's disease in the Lost Mariner?
Profound disturbance of memory.
Impossible to keep track of time.
He has Korsakoff's Syndrome.
Madeline who doesn't properly utilize her hands has what ailments?
1) Cerebral Palsy
2) Blind
How is Madeline's lack of hand use corrected by Sacks?
He suggests to the nurses to place her food just a bit out of reach so she must reach for it.
(cerebral palsy and blind)
Why did Madeline never utilize her hands?
Her parents did everything for her, and so they were useless to her.
(cerebral palsy and blind)
What did "Witty Ticcy Ray" have diagnosed?
Tourrettes syndrome.
What was the treatment given to "Witty Ticcy Ray"?
Haldol (antipsychotic medication).
(tourrettes syndrome)
What did "Witty Ticcy Ray's" medication do for him?
Slowed down dopamine by blocking it. This caused some Parkinson's motor effects (slowed down).
What is Natasha diagnosed with?
Had a long-standing virus, but drugs kept it in check.
(frisky lady; cupid's disease)
What is the treatment prescribed to Natasha?
Penicillin which makes her better; this keeps her in check, but still happy (doesn't completely eliminate symptoms).
(frisky lady; cupid's disease)
What are the symptoms Natasha has with her neurosyphilis?
Feels frisky.
Very happy.
Dr. P is in Sack's office when he does what?
Mistakes his wife for a hat!
What are Dr. P's strengths? What side of the brain does this pertain to?
Puzzles, seeing details, analyzing situations, music, identifying objects.
Left side of brain.
What are Dr. P's weaknesses? Which side of the brain and sections does this correlate to?
Faces and wholes.
Right side of brain, occipital (vision) and/or parietal (facial perception).
Does type of problem does Dr. P have?
Sensational or Perceptual
Christina, the Disembodied Lady has what symptom?
Feels like none of her limbs are part of her body.
What is Christina's symptom diagnosed as?
Loss of proprioception.
(disembodied lady)
What is proprioception?
Awareness of position of one's body.
How does Christina, the disembodied lady, cope with her proprioception?
Utilizes her visual capacities to try and compensate.
What caused Christina, the disembodied lady, to lose her proprioception?
Bad antibiotic (massive dose).
What does Mr. McGregor suffer from?
Parkinson's Disease
"On The Level" --> walks crooked
What are Mr. McGregor's symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?
Leans while walking.
What did Mr. McGregor do to compensate for his crooked walking?
He built himself some special glasses.
Took L-Dopa to increase synthesizing of dopamine.
What causes Parkinson's Disease?
Low levels of dopamine which is caused by damage to the basal ganglia which involves L-Dopa (in basal ganglia).
What was wrong with Steven, the med student?
Addicted to speed and cocaine.
What did the drugs (speed / cocaine) Steven took do to him?
Sped up exocytosis which increased the levels of dopamine.
What was one of the side-effects Steven experienced due to his drug addiction?
Olfactory disinhibition, increased his ability to smell.