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What scripture says we must bethink ourselves

1Kings 8:47

Give a scripture that says not to trust in the philosophies of man

Col 2:8

Prove the Israelites would be killed and led into captivity in 70ad

Luke 21:20-24

Prove that a wicked women will do whatever takes to trap you.

Ecc 7:26

Prove the heathen will be destroyed for forcing us to build up the western world

Jer 22:13

Prove that Esau is our enemy and hates us

Lev 26:17

Prove that only the Israelites written in the book will be delivered

Dan 12:1

With two scriptures prove that we are not to follow foolish fables such as false holidays

2 pet 1:16/ Titus 1:14

With 3 scriptures smash John 3:16

Acts 2:21-22/ Joel 2:32/ Acts 13:26

Prove what kind of physical condition our sister are in and why

Isa 3:16-17,24

Prove that Christ did not pray for the whole world

John 17:9

How do we avoid fornication

1Cor 7-2-5

Prove with a scripture whats the difference between a wicked women and a good women

Sirach 26:23-27

Give the scripture that proves Esau decendants

Job 27:13-23

Prove we are to trust in the goodness of our Race

Sirach 26:20-21

When was Islam created


Prove that Esau woh ld kill innocent Israelites and hold themselves not guilty

Zech 11:5

How are we supposed to believe in Christ

John 7:38/ 1John 5:10

Prove that faith with no work is no good

James 2:20-24

Prove what the church of God consist of

Acts 7:37-38

Prove how Israel provoked God to jealously

Deuteronomy 32:16-17

Give two scriptures of what is the Holy Ghost

Acts 7:51-53/ John 14:26

Prove the Lord is a man of war

Exodus 15:3

Prove with two scriptures we are not to follow the ways of America

Prov 3:31/ Rev 18:4

Using two scripture from the Apocrypha what is love

WOS 6:18/ Sirach 2:15