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What metabolism uses ATP-PC sys?

Used for production of ATP for high intensity/short duration activity (100 m sprint)
What decomposes and releases large amt of energy used to construct ATP?

What metabolism uses anaerobic glycolysis?

Anaerobic metabolism

Anaerobic glycolysis does what?
Major supplier of ATP during high intensity, short duration activities (sprint 400-800m). Glycogen breaks down and produces energy.
Which sys is slower?

Anaerobic glycolysis

Aerobic metabolism used for?

Low intensity/long duration. OXYGEN used here. Energy through oxidation of food.
Fibrous Joints (synarthroses) are united by?

Fibrous tissue

Do Fibrous joints/synarthroses contain synovial fluid?

No, movement is minimal

Suture joint

Fibrous joint/synarthroses

Joined by fusion


Syndesmosis joint

Fibrous joint/synarthroses

Connected by fibrous membrane

(tibia and fibula - interosseous membrane)

Gomphosis joint

Fibrous joint/syntharoses

Peg in hole

(teeth in maxilla/mandible)

Cartilaginous joints/amphiarthroses

Hyaline/fibrocartilage connects one bone to another. Slight movement allowed.

Synchondrosis joint

Cartilaginous joint/amphiarthoroses

Cartilage joining two bones

(sternum to rib)

Symphysis joint

Fibrocartilaginous joint/amphiarthoroses

Usually midline

(pubic symphysis)

Synovial joints/diarthroses

Provide free movement bet bones they join.
Synovial joints/diarthroses 5 characteristics

Joint cavity

Articular cartilage

Synovial membrane

Synovial fluid

Fibrous capsule

Are synovial joints/diarthroses vulnerable to injury?

How are synovial joints/diarthroses classified?

Movement and shape of articulating bones
Uniaxial joint

Synovial joints/diarthroses

Hinge - elbow

Pivot - atlantoaxial

Around single axis in one plane

Biaxial joint

Synovial joints/diarthroses

Condyloid - MCP

Saddle - CMC

Around 2 planes and 2 axes (concave and convex)

Multiaxial joint

Synovial joints/diarthroses

Ball and socket

Plane/gliding - carpal
Three planes and three axes