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A woman bought new shoes, and shortly afterwards died from a knife-wound. Why?
She was the assistant to a knife-thrower in a circus, and the new shoes made her stand two inches higher, throwing off the aim of the performer.
A man was pushed out of an airplane, without a parachute. How was he able to survive?
The plane was sitting on the runway.
A woman was on an elevator. When it stopped, and the lights went out, she began to cry, knowing that her husband was dead. How did she know?
She was on a hospital elevator, and her husband was on life support, which would also fail when the power went out.(Note: I have been informed that hospitals have emergency power for all critical systems and life support is one of those critical systems, so this scenario is not actually possible.)
A man saw a large goose through while looking out the window. Why were both he and the goose soon dead?
The window he was looking out was on an airplane, and the goose was being sucked into the engine, causing the plane to crash.
A man woke up in the middle of the night and turned off the light. Ten people died as result. Why?
He was the lighthouse keeper, and turned off the light, causing a ship to wreck on the rocks.
Why was the man able to pass three cars going 70 miles-per-hour, while he was going only 60 miles-per-hour?
The cars he passed were going in the opposite direction.
. A man was doing his job when his clothing tore. Why was he dead ten seconds later?
He worked at a factory. His clothing got caught on a piece of machinery, dragged him in, and killed him.
A married couple went to a movie and the husband strangled the wife during the show. How was he able to get her body home without attracting attention?
The movie was at a drive-in theater, and their car had tinted windows.
Why did running out of gas save Jacks life?
He was in the car in the garage, trying to kill himself with the carbon monoxide from the engine running.
A man wakes up and sees that his brother is dead. Though they are alone in a quiet room, he immediately realizes that he will be dead soon too. How does he know this?
His brother is his Siamese twin, and since they share common organs, he cannot survive alone
A woman tries to drop her husband into the ocean, but he blows back into the boat. Why?
Her husband was cremated, and she tried to pour his ashes into the ocean, but it ´s a windy day, and his ashes blow back into the boat.