Racial Issues In The United States

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Everyone has rights! It does not matter what your race is, career, or sex. Everyone is the same and should be equal. But everyone knows all too well that that is an understatement. We all have a sinful problem to judge people, based on their outward appearance. In America, racial issues, I believe, are still very common and a huge problem. I believe that we have come a long way since the Civil War, but there are becoming bigger problems that were not there before.
You are probably a little confused as to what I am trying to get at. You may be asking yourself “Of course our country and nation has changed a lot!” Yes I agree that our nation has changed a lot, however, some things have stayed the same. The biggest change that has taken place
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One story that I believe that set off everything with racial issues is the events of Ferguson, Missouri. Michael Brown, a black teen, was shot and killed by a white police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was unarmed when he was shot, but there are more things that come into play. A few minutes before Brown was shot, he had just robbed a store. Wilson was chasing him and his partner down the streets. Finally Brown stopped and turned toward the car. Brown starting running toward Wilson in attack mood. That is when Wilson started shooting at Brown. There were a total of twelve shots fired. Brown was unarmed, however he was pursuing the policeman in a threatening mood. Wilson had to do what he had to do. Brown was showing no signs of surrender (“Shooting of Michael Brown.”). This is what I think set off all the events of black lives matter. There were riots in cities and again if a policeman shot a black person during these riots, then the media turned it into something ugly to make them seem like the bad guys. This next story does not involve police shooting people, but hopefully you will finally see my point I am trying to make. On November 10, 2015 Amanda Blackburn was murdered in her own home. She was thirteen weeks pregnant when this happened and her husband, who is a pastor, was at the gym that morning. The two men, who are both black, had …show more content…
Have you ever thought to think as to why they are even protesting? Sure they are yelling and cheering what they think, but for what reason? Is it for their voice to be heard? In fact, why would anyone want to protest? The media take something like the McDonald and Brown cases and make the people become in an uproar. When I heard about what was happening in Chicago on Black Friday, I thought it was so rude and disruptive. To block people on Michigan Avenue from shopping at a store should not even be tolerated. How I see protesting is that what good is it going to do. It is not like you can bring the person back to life just because you are protesting. Sure it is a tragic thing that happened, but marching in the streets disrupting shoppers on the busiest day of the year is

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