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What is the goal of political parties?

They are organized to gain power by winning elections.

What are two major parties and third parties (or Minor Parties)?

Two Major party - dominant group such as Reps and Demos, third parties - organized around a particular issue.

In a society that permits ____ and ____, political parties are ______

In a government represents _____, political parties are _______-

free speech and association - natural

diversity - inevitable

Parties provide a ____ between ____ and _____-

bridge between governed and their people

Party Functions

Political party's major purpose is to ___ or ____ for _____

nominate or name for public offices

A candidate is chosen through party's ______, ______, or ______



state primary

After nominating, parties work for their candidates, helping them win their election by _____, ______, _______, and ______

1. providing funds

2. staffing professionals

3. volunteering

4. endorsements

When election is won, majority power in the House and Senate is empowered to _________ and ________.

1. control top committee posts

2. set the legislative agenda

Parties act as _____ over each other.

The ____ and ____ of the party in power are watched carefully and reported on.

It is to make party more _____ to people

watchdogs, behavior, politics, and accountable

Political parties function as an important moderating influence over _____ and even _____________. In U.S. system the major parties tend to lessen extremism and bring diverse interests together in a consensus

competing, conflicting political forces

Tradition of two party system

Ratification of constitution - Feds and Anti-Feds

British Parliament - Whigs and Tories

Three major periods of competition

Feds and Jeffersonian (1790-1812)

Democratic and Whigs (1824-1850)

Democratic and Republican (1850- present)

Since ______, presidential races have been so close that few runners-up have received less than ___ of total vote

1940, 40

The American Electoral system encourages ____ through ______ and ______

two party system

Single member districts

election law

People of different ___, ___, ____ and ____ all come together in support of their particular food

races, religions, incomes, professionals

Both parties try to reach a majority of voters with a __, ____ message. Attempt to reach the ___ voters

broad and moderate


_______ ________, a formal statement of party's position on current issues, is drafted at party's _______________ every ___ years and provides evidence of __________

Party Platform

National conventions - 4 years


Democrats - ______, seeks to ____ , _____ development, and well being of _______

Reps - ____, _______ social status quo _____ major changes.

Liberal, change, encourage, individual

Conservative, defends, against.

Party membership?

a person can be a something by declaring himself. Not a formal obligation. Influential factor is their family background (ex. blacks -> they were reps during 30s for emancipation but became demos during 60s to support New Deal)

Third parties play important roles in the political process. The___________- first party to have a ________ to elect their presidential candidate.

Third parties can draw _________ that the major parties do not take strong position

Anti-Masons of 1831

national convention

attention to specific causes

Four types of third parties

1. _________ - spring up around single issue that major parties find too hot to handle. When an issue is solved, corresponding party declines.

Issue Parties

2. _________ - rise from political and social ideas outside the mainstream. EX) ___________ - which advocates minimalist government and broad ranging personal freedoms.

Issue Parties

Libertarian Party

3. __________- occur when hard times occur. (Ex. _______________) gradually they lose strength as economy improves.

Depression parties

Populist Party of 1890s

4. __________ - minor parties that split from major parties. generally over policy but sometimes over personality conflicts. Ex) In 1912, Teddy Roosevelt splintered votes from Reps and allowed Wilson to win.

Splinter Parties

4 components of National Party Organzation

Scroll ->

National Convention

Meets every summer of every presidential election year, attracts heavy media coverage, and nominates the candidate for president and VP and approve the party's platform on various issues


National Committee

Committee carries on the administration of the party during the interim between national conventions. Helps raising money and supply technical assistance.


National Chairman

Head of Party - elected by members of national committee.


Congressional Campaign Committee

Operate independently of their party's national committee, providing money and expertise to help candidates to Congress.