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Which of the following statements is NOT correct in terms of modern evolutionary theory?
Young do not inherit characters acquired by their parents.
What is a scientific hypothesis?
A tentative answer to a question about some natural phenomenon.
According to our best evidence, which of the following evolved after early modern humans had migrated out of Africa?
Control of fire.
Using standard genetic notation, if an Aa male breeds with an Aa female; how many of their offspring will be homozygous?
Two out of four.
Alternative versions of a gene for a given character are called:
Where does translation occur during protein synthesis in a eukaryotic cell?
In ribosomes.
Which of the following statements is NOT true of DNA?
The base C normally joins with the base T.
Which of the following is NOT true of respiration in an animal cell?
Respiration produces ADP from oxygen and water.
Which of the following equations best describes the process of photosynthesis?
Water + carbon dioxide -> glucose + oxygen
Which of the following is the best explanation for why cloned individuals might differ from one another in certain aspects of phenotype?
Because phenotypes are generated by interactions of genes with environments.
Which of the following is true about cell devision?
Tumors arise from uncontrolled cell division.
If I wanted to clone YOU, which of the following methods would I use?
I'd take the nucleus from one of your body cells and put it into an egg whose own nucleus has been removed.
A new drug, called Reprohibin, prevents the pituitary from producing LH in both sexes. Which of the following hypotheses might best explain how this drug acts as an agent for birth control?
It blocks ovulation and the production of testosterone.
Which of the following is true of the pituitary gland?
It produces FSH, LH and oxytocin.
Another new drug, called Tumoricide, inhibits the activity of proto-oncogenes in cells. Which of the following hypotheses might best explain how this drug acts in the treatment of cancer?
It stops or slows mitosis.
Endocrine disrupters:
Can be hormone mimics and are chemicals that scramble messages of the endocrine system.
Typically act at very low concentrations.
Examples of chemicals that act as endocrine disrupters include:
All of the above (PCB's, DDT, some pesticides, some plastics)
Based on information you received in lecture on hormones made for medicinal uses (i.e Insulin) and information on endocrine disrupters, is hormone-treated beef likely to be completely safe?
Likely not, because the hormones used to treat beef are identical to hormones that act in humans.
Releases O2 into the atmosphere.
Vascular systems were a key innovation in plant evolution because they:
Allowed plants to become taller and more efficient at nutrient transport.
Some studies have shown that the number of sperm in men:
Is decreasing in both the USA and Europe.
Which term below includes all others in the list?
Vascular plant (angiosperm, seed producing plant, fern, gymnosperm)
Like animals, plants produce:
Many more sperm than eggs.
Asexual reproduction produces offspring that are:
Both genetically identical to their parents and genetically identical to siblings.
In plants two sperm cells enter the ovule, but only one fuses with the egg. The other sperm cell fuses with two nuclei to form the endosperm.
Currently in the USA, all foods containing genetically modified organisms (e.g. corn, tomatoes etc.):
Do not have to be labeled.
What may be some of the reasons for the decline in honeybees and other insect pollinators?
All of the above (competition from introduced species like the Africanized honeybee, habitat destruction, misuse of pesticides)
Risks associated with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) include:
All of the above (Health risks associated with novel combinations of proteins, environmental risks associated with the invasion of GMOs into new habitats, environmental risks associated with the poisoning of non-target wildlife)
Which of the following genes have not been inserted into GM crops?
Insect susceptibility genes.
"Super weeds" are
Both weeds that may crossbreed with closely related GM crop and weeds that can be resistant to natural predators or herbicides.
The growth of populations can be limited by:
All of the above (Natural disturbances, weather, food shortages)
In a population that has a logistic growth curve, after an initial period of increase the number of individuals:
Remains near the carrying capacity.
What is the most likely reason that the global human population experienced exponential population growth, without much evidence of population regulation to date?
We have probably been able to increase the Earth's carrying capacity with technology and medicine.
The shape of a fish's jaw influences what the fish can eat. Researchers have found that the jaws of two fish species were more similar when they lived in separate lakes than when they lived together in the same lake. The increased difference in jaw structure when the fish live in the same lake is a potential example of:
Character displacement
The age structure of humans in Mexico is as follows: 50% pre-reproductive age, 30% reproductive age, 20% post-reproductive age. What do you predict will happen to the number of people in Mexico?
Predation and parasitism are similar in that both can be characterized as:
+/- interactions
Pollinator mutualisms are special interactions involving ______, which receive food or a place to lay eggs, and _______, which receive pollen from others of their kind.
Insects; plants
An example of Batesian mimicry is:
A moth larva whose head can inflate and look like a snake.
The conversion of N2 gas to a form of nitrogen that can be used by plants is called:
Nitrogen fixation
A directional process of species replacement over time in a community is called:
Eutrophication is the stimulation of plant growth (algae) from ______ amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous, leading to lakes with ______ oxygen at the bottom
Large; too little
Organisms that can produce their own food from an external source of energy without having to eat other organisms are called:
There are five basic trophic (feeding) levels in any food web. Of the following levels, which level is correctly matched with the group of organisms that occupy it?
Secondary consumer- Predator eating herbivore
A new species is introduced into a given area. The population size begins to grow slowly, then at a very rapid rate, and finally levels off at a stable number. This pattern is an example of a(n):
Logistic population growth curve
Which of the following is not one of the factors contributing to the decline of the migratory North American songbirds?
Not enough bird feeders used during winter habitat in the U.S.
Habitat fragmentation is detrimental, because
All of the above (Fragments are isolated from each other so individuals in separate fragments can no longer interact with each other, Fragments have a greater amount of edge relative to area of habitat, Fragment centers are closer to the edge than non fragment areas, Fragment edges are more prone to fires and other disturbances)
Shade coffee plantations are beneficial to birds and other wildlife, because:
Coffee is grown along side native trees, which provide food and shelter for the birds.
Which of the following was not caused by the introduction of cheatgrass to the inter-mountain West? (Intermountain West = area between the coastal mountain range and the Rocky Mountains in WA, ID, MT, UT, WY.)
An increase in the growth of native shrubs.
Island species are more vulnerable to species introductions because island species are frequently naive to predators and may not realize that they are a threat.
Which of the following is not considered a threat to species today?
Scientific research (other choices are rainforest destruction, human population growth, and climate change)
The "tens rule" in Conservation Biology states that:
10% of introduced species become established, and 10% of those will become pests.
Mass extinctions:
Are periods of time in which many species went extinct throughout Earth.
What would be the best strategy for saving a population that is in an extinction vortex?
Determining the minimum viable population (MVP) size.
Species richness:
Can only be measured in terms of ecosystem productivity.
The milk-letdown reflex and a newborn's rooting behavior are good examples of learned behaviors in humans:
Depends on an organism's past experience.
Which of the following statements about learned behaviors is true?
Learned behaviors provide animals with flexible responses.
Which of the following provides an example of habituation?
Aquarium fish are initial startled by tapping on the aquarium glass but eventually ignore it.
A honeybee returning to the hive from a food source performs a waggle dance with the run ("waggle" portion of the dance) oriented straight to the left on the vertical surface. Most likely, this means that the food is located:
90 degrees left of the line from the hive to the sun.
Animals that live in groups:
Can reap benefits that compensate for increased competition among group members.
Which of the following is not an example of altruistic behavior?
A butterfly lays an egg.
Reproduction success in males is limited by access to females. A consequence of this is:
None of the above (Sexual selection for brighter plumage in birds, Sexual selection for bigger manes in lions, sexual selection for bigger antler in moose)
Which of the following is true about how female animals chose their mates?
Females tend to choose mates more carefully than males do.
In regions of hot temperatures and wet climate, you will most likely find ______ biomes, whereas in regions of hot temperatures and dry climate you will find ______ biomes.
Tropical; desert
What aspect(s) of climate most strongly influence the location of terrestrial biomes?
Temperature and precipitation
The reason why caribou migrate to the coastal plain in ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) is,
To find better forage.
Which of the following terrestrial biomes are contained within ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)?
Arctic tundra and boreal forests.
CO2 absorbs (reflects back) some of the ______ that radiates from the surface of the Earth to space.
The cycling of nutrients between organisms and the physical environment is called:
Nutrient cycling
Free services provided to humans by ecosystems include
All of the above (Control of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, Prevention of soil erosion, Filtering of pollutants from water and air)
Global warming may have many adverse effects on natural ecosystems. Which of the following is not an effect on natural ecosystems?
Character Displacement
______ greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, result in ______ in the greenhouse effect.
More; an increase
Do human alterations of nutrient cycles have international effect?
Yes, because several nutrients cycles have atmospheric components.
CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) molecules found in the atmosphere:
Are responsible for the thinning of the Ozone layer.