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Hollow muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body


Large blood vessels that carries blood away from the heart to the tissue of the body


Blood vessels that carries blood from the body back to the heart

Integumentary System

Protects the body from various kinds of damage

Circulatory System

Circulates blood and lymph through the body

Nervous System

The network of nerve cells and fibers that transmits nerve impulses between parts of the body

Endocrine System

Collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism growth and development, tissue functions, sexual functions, reproduction, sleep and mood, among other things

Respiratory System

Breathing, you deliver oxygen to the body and take away CO2

Muscular System

Consisting of skeletal smooth and cardiac muscles, permit movement

Population Density

The number of individuals per unit area

Age structure

The number of males and females of each age in a population

Logistic Growth

Occurs when population growth slows and then stops after a period of exponential growth had occurred

Limiting Factor

A factor that controls the growth of a population

Density-dependent limiting factor

Operate strongly when the number of individuals per unit area reaches a certain point