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Which of the following is NOT considered a structure of the limbic system?
caudate nucleus
According to the somatosensory hommunculus, which part of the body would have thelargest amount of cortex devoted to receiving sensations from that area?
Broca's aphasia is characterized by
expressive problems and non fluent speech
A young woman recovering froma blow to her head finds she has great difficlty maintaining her balance and coordinating her movements. Injury to what part of her brain is likely to be causing her difficulties?
An elderly man presents to your clinic with his family. They are frustrated because he is often able to perform certain tasks spontaneously, such as puttin gon his shoes or standing up from his bed, but when asked to do them he typically cannot. What type of apraxia would you diagnose in this paitient?
ideomotor apraxia
Auditory processing is associated with the
temporal lobes
Which of the following represents the correct flow of 90% of information in the visual system?
optic never: optic chiasm; lateral geniculate nucleus: primary visual cortex (all you have to know is optic chiasm comes second and you got it)
The basal ganglia is responsible for:
controlling semiautomatic motor activities
Repetition of speech is normal in which of the following types of aphasia?
Which prefrontal region is primarily associated with executive functions?
dorsolatral prefrontal
Rostral is to caudal as
anterior is to posterior
A person can name objects and speak fluently; however, he/she is unable to repeat after the examiner. HE/she most likely has
conduction aphasia
Which of the follwing is NOT a component of the basal ganglia?
Males with elevated levels of testosterone demonstrate
poorer spatial performance
The right hemisphere is involved in processing
facial recognition
Which of the follwing is NOT a function of the hypothalamus
relay of somatic sensory impressions to the cerbral cortex
The primary projections of the olfactory system are to the
amydala and hippocampus (the only one with two options)
Which of the following statements is true regarding the auditory system?
none of these
The frontal and temporal lobes are separated by the
lateral fissure
From outermost to innermost, the order of the miniges is as follows
dura, arachnoid, pia
Cranial nerves VII, IX, and X are involved with
The nervous system is divided into two parts. These are the
peripheral and central nervous system
Which is one of the components of the midbrain (mesencephalon)
Locating objects in space (the where system) is controlled by the _____ processing stream.
Which of the following cranial nerves is responsible for motor movements, specifically of the shoulder and head?
Females with congenitial adrenal hyperplasia show
enhanced spatial performance
The four cortical areas of the motor system include all of the following except
orbitomedial prefrontal cortex
The primary behavioral differences between apperceptive and associateive agnosia is that associateive agnosia involves
the loss of knowledge of the semantic meaning of objects
Which type of somatosensory receptor is specialized for detecting vibrations?
mechanical receptors
The left hemisphere is associated with all of the following types of precessing EXCEPT
multimodal processing