Our Brain Is Responsible For Incapability Of Communication

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How can my understanding of other’s situations help me build open relationships?

If you do not develop language/speech before the age of 8, you most likely will not.
What part of our brains is responsible for incapability of communication

Neglect can affect speech development
How many people are dealing with the issue of not being able to communicate/talk

The people closest to you have the biggest affect on your speech


What part of our brains is responsible for incapability of communication?

broca region- if damaged, can still read/understand other’s speech, trouble speaking/ moving facial muscles. in the left frontal lobe
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Where you tried and tried but you couldn’t force the words out of your mouth? Imagine if that was your reality. Imagine never learning to speak. Imagine it was someone else’s fault you couldn’t speak. Unfortunately, this has happened to some.

Language development is the process in which we develop language and speech, hence the name. It is very important and usually we begin the process at a very young age.

There are two parts of the brain that affect our language. The broca region is located in the left frontal lobe. If it is damaged, you will still be able to understand others, but actually moving your facial features to create words is very difficult. The Wernicke’s area, if damaged, will cause you to add unnecessary words, say long, nonsensical sentences and even say non existent
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But language delays and aren’t always because of brain damage. There are many things that affect language development. Social influences, reading, standard of care, and language exposure are just the main ones.

Social influences affect the way you pronounce certain words, whether or not you have an accent, phrasing and knowing what is socially acceptable to say.

Exposure to language is definitely the most important of all the factors. The more exposure you get, the faster you develop language. Language exposure improves your pronunciation skills and broaden your vocabulary. People should be exposed to language as early as possible.

Neglect can not only be traumatizing, but it also affects your development. There have been many cases, such as Genie, the feral child, where neglect has affected their speech. They might never learn to speak. Parents who neglect their children and never speak to them, ignore them or in some cases only yell at them, are the reason their child will never learn to speak. In Genie’s case, she was locked in a room and beaten when she screamed. She had little human interaction and because of that, never learned to speak

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