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What is dry hopping?

Adding hops to a beer post-boil during fermentation. Adds no bitterness, just aroma

Gives it a "hoppy aroma"

Why is bottle conditioning done??

So additional fermentation can take place in the bottle

As the _____ digests the ____, they secrete _____, naturally carbonation the bet in the bottle. (Bottle conditioning)

Yeast, sugar, CO2

Prior to the establishment of ____ and _______, beer was naturally _____ in large uncovered containers called ______.

Yeast banks; modern wort cooling methods; cooled; koelships

During the ______ the wort would become inoculated with "___" yeast and bacteria (spontaneous fermentation)

Cooling process, Wild

What was the result from wild yeasts??? (Spontaneous fermentation)

Typically result in a sour flavor

Brettanomyces, pediococcus, and lactobacillus are common bacteria used to brew ____ and _____

Lambic and other sour styles

How are beers pasturized??

Hiring a liquid to 108° or higher

What is a cask??

A storage vessel for beer. Traditionally made of wood, now metal

What is made in a cask? What characteristics would be considered in that beer??

Cask ale. A beer must be unfiltered and unpasteurized. It must served into vessels it was fermented in

Cask ales are often called

Real ales

What is a beer engine and infusion tower?

Beer engine: manually powered pump that extracts cask conditioned beer from the vessel. 1688

Infusion tower: a new age flavor infuser to introduce new flavors to their favorite beers. A focus on fresh products that compliment the beer is key

What is a mead?

Honeywine oldest alcoholic beverage

Metheglin: spiced/hopped mead

Melomel: fruit mead

What is a braggot?

Combines mead and beer. Tend to have more hop than meads

What is a gruit?

Old fashioned herb mixture used to bitter in flavor. Herbs like sweet gale, heather, juniper, and others.

Braggs are made with both ____ @ ____

Malts and honey

Rauchbier means ____ in german. What are they made with??

Smoked beer

Malts that have been dried out over smokey Beachwood and peach moss

What causes gluten intolerance??

Celiac disease. Gluten is poisenious to people with. Gluten can be found in common cereal grains, including barely and wheat

Examples of gluten free beers??

St Petes sorghum

Widmer omission

How is organic beer made??

Using malts, hops and other ingredients that are grown without insecticides fertilizers etc

Examples of organic beers

Peak organic amber ale

Pinkus pls

Greens organic amber ale

What is the Ciceron program?

A certification program for beer experts

3 levels of cicerone program

Certified beer server

Certified cicerone

Master cicerone

Beer judge certification program functions:

1. Supplies qualified judges to amateur and commercial brewing

2. Publishes style guidelines catorgizing beer, mead, and cider

3. Organizes exams to certify and rank beer judges

Brewers association purpose

To promote and protect small independent American brewers