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Top fermented beers brewed at warmer Temps generally ranging from 60°to 75°


Bottom fermented beers brewed at colder Temps 35-45° depending on the time frame

Examples of low-alcohol beer (nonalcoholic)


Bit burger drive


Light lager color body flavor

Color: Light golden to pale straw and usually filtered causing it to be clear

Body: Light (lighter than pale ale)

Flavor: Very low in malt flavor w a light dry body

Light lager facts and examples

Lower in alcohol calories and carbs

Good alternative for light beer


Sam Adams light Massachusetts

Amsterdam light from Netherlands Amsterdam

Pale lager color body flavor

color pale straw golden

body light

flavor malt focused but very light flavor w very little hop bitterness depending on origin

Pale lager facts and examples

Great 2 recommend for a light beer w slightly more flavor

Germany as "helles"


Hofbrau original is a helles brewed in munich, Germany

Full sail session in Oregon


Hotter than helles tampa

Dark lager color body flavor

color deep copper 2 dark brown

body light to medium

flavor malt sweetness, w touches of caramel and roasted malts

Amerbock alternative (not really a bock it's roasted nutty)

Dark lager facts

Aka dunkelBrewed with either dark malts or roasted malts

Dark lager are a great intro to dark beer for guests who usually enjoy light-bodied, lower alcohol beers


Dark lager examples

Goldstar Isreal

Hofbrau dunkel Munich, Germany

Beltika Russia

Transition from a yuengling, more flavor

Pilsner color body flavor

color pale straw to golden

body light typically highly carbonated

flavor crisp grassy with a clean light finish

Pilsner facts

Pilsner are pale lager known for their use of noble hops which give a mere prominent hop aroma versus hop flavor

Recommended for light beer drinkers but slightly more bitter

Originated in Pilzen, Czech Republic


Pilsner examples

Pilsner Uraquell original pilsner (earthy spicy)

Lagunitas pils is a Czech style pilsner from California

North coast scrimshaw from california

Light lagers are usually only used for _____ request

Low calorie beer requests

Strong lager color body flavor

color pale straw to dark golden

body light

flavor similar to pale lager, but usually possesses more malt sweetness and lower hop characteristics

Strong lager facts

Stronger version of a pale lager

Great for guests who prefer light beer flavor but want more alcohol


Examples of strong lager

Carlsberg elephant from Denmark sweeter slightly citrusy, vanilla

Hevelius kaper from Poland

California common color body flavor

color light amber to copper

body medium

flavor mild fruitiness with an assertive hop bitterness in flavor

California common facts

1st true American style

Created by anchor

Lager fermented at ale Temps


California common examples

Anchor steam is brewed in Sanfransico California by America's first microbrewery

Southern teir 2x steam is from lakewood new York

Big boca ale (fat point brewery) grassy

Amber/ red lager color body flavor

color light amber to copper

body medium

flavor expect a more malty backbone, resulting in a bold caramel sweetness

Amber red lager facts and examples

Great for customers who drink yuengling 4-6%

Abita amber lousiana

Flying dog old scratch amber, Maryland (may stop distrubuting)

Vienna lager color body flavor

color reddish brown to amber

body medium

flavor subtle toasty malt flavor with clean crisp hop bitterness

Vienna lager facts and examples

Originates in Vienna Austria (also Sam Adams is a Vienna lager)


Negro modelo based on original Vienna lager recipe brought from Austria

Brooklyn lager is hoppier

Marzen color body flavor

color copper

body medium

flavor tend to have rich malt flavors caramel and toffee

Marzen facts and examples

Aka October fest

Brewed in march, stored in summer, consumed in September and October


Paulaner oktoberfest (served in Munich festivities)

Ayinger oktoberfest , marzen from aying, germany

Yuengling alternative

Any amber lager, Vienna lager, or marzen

Bock color body flavor

color deep copper to brown

body medium to full

flavor malt characters should be a balance of sweetness and toast/nuts

Bock facts and examples

Who drinks amber bock


Anchor bock California

Shiner bock Texas

Maibock color body flavor

color light straw to deep golden

body medium to full

flavor sweet malty characters, with a low hop bitterness

some fruit notes may be detected

Maibock facts and examples

Sweeter lighter version of a bock associated with the month if may or springtime 6-7%

Hofbrau maibock in Munich Germany

Rogue dead guy ale is a maibock style in Oregon

Dopplebock color body flavor

color deep amber to dark brown

body full

flavor raisiny and rich slight chocolate and fruit aroma may be detected

Doppelbock facts

If helles it will be light in color

Created by monks of st, Fransis of Paula for nutrition

"Liquid bread" historically known

Names of doppelbocks usually end in "ator"


Doppelbocks examples

Spaten optimator Munich, Germany

Ayinger celebrator in Aying not far outside munich

Which beer is known as the first pilsner?

Plsner mrquell

What is the only style of beer that originated in the US?

California common