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What is the Barker hypothesis?
Babies that are too small are predisposed to adult diseases
What can placental insufficency lead to...?
Vascular problems, malnutrition, Inc incidence of CVD in later life

Pre-eclampsia and IUGR

Disorder or late pregnancy.

Left untreated may progress to eclampsia, life threatening condition characterised by convulsions

5-10% pregnancies
Diagnosis of Pre-eclampsia
Diagnosed by high BP (>140/90 mmHg) and proteinuria (>300mg/24h)

20 weeks and after in normotensive patients
What causes this disease then?
Abnormal trophoblast invasion in to the maternal tissue

As a result...spiral arteries do not undergo full physiological change and hence blood flow to placenta is reduced
Diagram outlining barker hypothesis
What are the consequences to a baby malnourished in the first trimester?
Down regulation of growth
Reduced birth weight
Small body
Raised Blood pressure

Die by Haemorrhagic stroke
What are the consequences to a baby malnourished in the second trimester?
Insulin resistance or deficiency
Reduced birth weight
Thin body
Hypertension, NIDDM

Death by CHD
What are the consequences to a baby malnourished in the third trimester?
Brain growth good, trunk no
GH resistance or deficiency
Normal birth weight
Short body
Hypertension, NIDDM, Raised fibronogen etc

Death by thrombotic stroke, CHD
Three methods to explain poor lung function in adult life
Dec in utero growth=Dec ling growth= Inc Resp infections = Dec child lung function = Inc decline in Adult lung function
Poor childhood SES = Poor education = Poor adult SES = Air pollution, poor diet, smoking etc = Inc decline in Adult lung function
Childhood chest illness = Poor education = low SES = as above