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What colony shapes and colony surface characteristics?

Shape- irregular

Margins- smooth


Based on your observations comment on the reliability of colony morphology in the identification of a bacterial species?

It is not as reliable as a molecular morphology, since with this microscope they will all look very similar. If we use sequencing we could accurately identify a species

Characteristics of the bacterial colony of E coli

The size of a pen tip the shape is round and irregular the margin is smooth surface contoured pigment yellow

Characteristics of bacterial colonies of serratia marcescens

Pantip shaped irregular margin curved surface contoured pigment red

Characteristics of bacterial colonies micrococcus luteus

Size very small shape funtiform margin surface smooth pigment yellow

What is the relationship among plaque Dental cavities and gum disease?

Bacteria form about the Monteith they eat Decay both enamel causing cavities in your mouth if you keep bacteria out of your mouth it will be less likely to cause damage teeth and gums

Discuss differences in proportion of each type of bacteria in the bacterial community of plaque

A community of plaque may include more than one species of bacteria each type of bacteria May range in size and it could be due to its diet and function

Hypothesize about the presence of bacteria and fungi in different environments

If they're in a warm and wet environment it will grow at a higher rate