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List the compontnts of the Linkless Ammunition Loading System (LALS).
A loader ammunition transporter, a drum loader assembly, a conveyor system, and a drum unload assembly.
How many rounds of electrically primed M50/PGU ammuntion can be loaded on the components of the LALS?
1,400 rounds.
What weapons skid is used with the LALS?
MHU-191/M transporter.
What is the purpose of the loader ammunition transporter?
Move rounds/cases through the exit and entrance ends during operation.
What is the purpose of the drum loader assembly?
Load the transporter with unlinked ammunition.
What is the purpose of the conveyor system?
Transport rounds from the transporter to the aircraft system. It simultaneously transports spent cases and cleared rounds from the aircraft system to the transporter.
What components transfer rounds from the transporter to the elements in the exit unit assembly?
Two gear-driven sprocket assemblies in the exit unit assembly transfer rounds from the transporter to the elements.
The drive power is transmitted from the interface unit to the drum drive assembly by the ____________.
Flexible drive shaft.
In what type of environment must transporter loading or downloading operations be conducted?
A RADHAZ-free environment.
List the conditions that might exist in a given load or download operation.
A fully loaded, partially loaded, or empty transporter may be mated to a fully loaded, partially loaded, or empty gun system.
When you connect or remove the interface unit to or from the aircraft adapter, it must be in what position?
Bypass position.
The Linkless Ammunition Loading System (LALS) A/E32K-7 consists of what two components?
Ammuntion loader and an ammunition replenisher.
What modes of operation does the LALS A/E32K-7 have?
4 modes. Replenishment mode, aircraft servicing mode, tansport mode and storage mode.
What equipment must be timed to service the aircraft gun system?
Aircraft gun feed system (AFGS).
What must be done to the ammunition replenisher prior to storing it?
A dummy round will be cycled through.