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Who has the authority to issue Title 14 CFRs?

FAA Administrator

What do CFRs Do?

Establish rules and regs for operating in US airspace.

Give pilots directions to promote safety of flight

Prescribe the action a pilot must take in various circumstances

Who do CFRs apply to?

ALL aircraft operating in the United States including foreign aircraft

What is the structure of FARs?


Sub part


What is the name of the person who is delegated authority by the the FAA Administrator?

The Administrator

What is the term for aircraft operating in the air or on active airport surfaces?

Air traffic

What is the term for an authorization by ATC for the purpose of preventing collision between known aircraft.

Air Traffic Clearance

What is the term for a device that are used or intended to be used for flight in the air. (May include flight crew)


What is the term of an engine driven fixed wing aircraft heavier than air supported in flight by dynamic reaction of air against the wings?


What is the term for an engine driven lighter than air aircraft that can be steered


What is the term for a lighter than air aircraft that is NOT engine driven and sustains flight w/ gas buoyancy or air heater


What is the term for a device used or intended to be used for flight that has NO onboard pilot.

Unmanned Aircraft (UA)

What is the term for unmanned aircraft and its associated elements related to safe operations consisting of UA, control station, and data link.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

What makes a UA a “small UA”

Less than 55 lbs on takeoff including everything in or attached to the aircraft

What is the term for a heavier than air aircraft that is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its lifting surfaces and whose flight does not depend principally on an engine


What is the term for a rotorcraft that uses engine driven rotors for it horizontal motion


What is the term for an area of land or what’re that is used for the landing and takeoff of aircraft?


What is the term for service operated by appropriate authority to promote the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic

Air Traffic Control

What is the term for the person who has final authority for operation and safety of flight?

Pilot in Command

What is the term for a level of constant atmospheric pressure related to a reference datum of 29.92 in of mercury.

Flight Level

What is the term for a geographical location in relation to which the position of an aircraft is reported

Reporting point

What is the term for control of all air traffic , within designated airspace, by air traffic control

Positive Control

What is the term for equipment (airborne or on ground) that is used to measure in NM the Slant range distance of an aircraft from the navigational aid

Distance measuring Equipment (DME)

What is the term for the specified information, relating to the intended flight of an aircraft?

Flight Plan

What is the term for the separation in accordance with the applicableminima in JO 7110.65

Approved Separation

What are the two types of Miles and when is each used?

Nautical Miles NM - unless otherwise specified

Statute Miles SM - used in conjunction with visibility

What is the term for the time units used in ATC operations?

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or “ZULU” Time

When a time check is given how is it rounded?

To the nearest quarter minute

Who has the right of way when an aircraft is in distress

The distressed aircraft has right of way over all other traffic

When in VFR who has the right of way on converging routes?

The one on the right and the other moves to the rear.

What is the hierarchy of right of way?

Balloon over all other,

Glider over airship, powered parachute, airplane, or rotor craft

Airship over pp, airplane and helicopter

Aircraft towing or refueling over all engine driven aircraft

Who has right of way approaching head on?

Both turn to the right

VFR Who has right of way when over taking?

Aircraft being overtaken,

Overtaking aircraft passes on the right

VFR who has right of way when landing?

Aircraft on final approach. Approaching aircraft at lower altitude has right of way

What is the speed limit below 10,000 feel MSL?

250 knots IAS

What is the speed limit for aircraft below 2,500 feel AGL witching 4 NM of primary airport in Class C or D airspace?

200 knots IAS

What is the speed limit below class b airspace?

200 Knots IAS

What is the speed limit in a VFR corridor designated through a class B airspace?

200 knots IAS

If an aircrafts minimum safe speed is Greater than speed limit what happens?

They are allowed to fly their minimum safe speed.

In VFR what is the minimum safe altitude rule?

No operating below and altitude which if power unit fails allows an emergency landing with less hazard

What is VFR min safe altitude over congested area?

1,000 ft above highest obstacle within radius of 2,000 ft of aircraft

What is min safe VFR altitude over not congested areas (rural)?

500 ft above surface or 500 ft above highest obstacle

Do min safe altitude apply for Helicopter?

No they can operate below

What is the altimeter setting at or above 18,000 MSL?


What is the altimeter setting below 18,000 ft MSL

Current altimeter setting reported by a station along the route within 100 NM of the aircraft

When can a pilot deviate from an ATC clearance?


If pilot obtains an amended clearance

In response to TCAST resolution advisory

When are pilots obligated to notify ATC of a deviation from clearance?


When can a pilot cancel a IFR?

In FMC conditions and outside class A airspace

When does an aircraft that received priority from ATC need to submit a report?

48 hours

If an airport is in Class G airspace and has an operational tower pilots must?

Have two way communication prior to 4 NM from the airport up to and including 2,500 ft above ground level (AGL)

When and airport is in class G airspace without a functioning tower pilots must?

Make all turns to the left

Helicopters avoid all fixed wing aircraft

When can jets request another runway other than the one assigned for noise abatement?

In the interest of safety

What are the pilots flying in class E airspace required to comply with?

Established traffic patterns

2 way communication within 4 NM and 2,500 ft above AGL

What are the eligibility requirements for an ATC tower certificate?

18 years old

Good moral character

Be able to read,write, understand, and speak English

Hold a second class medical certificate

How long after consuming intoxicants does ATC have to wait?

8 hours

What can result from a conviction for a violation related to drugs by an ATC?

Denial of application for any certificate for up to 1 year

Suspension or revocation of an ATC certificate

An ATC control tower operator certificate is effective until?

it is surrendered

Suspended or


What happens after a person failed a written, oral, or practical test for ATC certificate?

They can retake the test 30 days after failure date

Or before 30 days if a signed statement from a trainer stating person received additional training and considers the holder to be ready for retesting

When are medical examinations required for ATC?

39 and below

Terminal/Center - every 2 years

Flight Service - every 3 years

40 and above -

T/C - every 1 year

FS - every 2 years

How should helicopters operate in class C or D airspace?

Avoid the flow of fixed-winged aircraft?

What are pilots in class C or D airspace required to do?

Two way communication must be established and maintained with the facility providing ATC service

What are the minimum altitudes pilots in large or turbine-powered aircraft must fly in class C or D airspace?

Enter at 1,500 ft above the airport elevation and maintain 1,500 ft aae until further decent is required for safe landing

When departing they must climb to 1,500 ft as rapidly as possible

How must pilots circle an airport in class C or D airspace if not otherwise instructed?

To the left.

When are pilots allowed to request a different runway than the one assigned for noise abatement?

In the interest of safety.

What clearances are pilots required to have to operate in class C and D airspace?


Taking Off


What 4 things are required to operate in class B airspace?

ATC Clearance

2 way communication

Proper navigational equipment

Transponder (4096) with mode C

What is required to operate in class A airspace

IFR Clearance

IFR rating

2 way communication

IFR flight equipment

Transponder (4096) with Mode C

When must someone flying a model aircraft notify ATCT?

Within 5 statue miles of airport

What is ATC supposed to do if an unmanned aircraft contacts ATC?

Not give them a clearance

Direct them to UAS