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superior thyroid artery
supplies thyroid gland, larynx, and some anterior neck muscles
ascending pharyngeal artery
supplies the pharynx
lingual artery
supplies the tongue
facial artery
supplies most of the facial region
occipital artery
supplies the posterior portion of the scalp
posterior auricular artery
supplies the ear and the scalp around the ear
maxillary artery
supplies teh teeth, gums, nasal cavity, and meninges
superficial temporal artery
supplies the side of the head and the parotid gland
Facial, superficial temporal, and maxillary veins
they merge and drain into either the internal jugular vein or the external jugular vein
Jugular or Internal jugular
drain into the subclavian vein
Subclavian vein
drains into brachiocephalic vein
Brachiocephalic vein
drains into the Superior Vena Cava
Vertebral arteries
form from the subclavian arteries before they enter the skull
Basilar artery
subdivides into many branches that are called the posterior cerebral arteries
Left and Right internal thorasic arteries
emerge from subclavian arteries
Anterior intercostal arteries
supply the anterior intercostal spaces
Lumbar arteries
supply the lower portion of the thorax
Median sacral artery
supply the lower portion of the thorax
Anterior intercostal veins
help form the internal thoracic vein
internal thoracic veins
drain into it's respective brachiocephalic vein
external illiac vein
drains into the inferior vena cava
Bronchial arteries
supply the lungs
Bronchial veins
drain blood from the lungs
Esophageal arteries
supply the esophagus above the abdominal