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Icon, Iconic
A panel painting of Christ, the virgin, or saints; regarded as sacred, especially by Eastern Christians.
the triangular segments of a wall leading from the square base to the circular drum of a dome.
Illuminated Manuscripts
A painting technique combining rich pigments, gold, and other precious metals to produce dazzling color effects.

The manuscripts may contain separate ornamental pages, marginal illustrations, ornament within the text, entire miniature paintings, or any combination of these.
In a cross-shaped church, the arm forming a right angle with the nave, usually inserted between the latter and the Choir or Apse.
In a cross-shaped church, the area where the Nave and the Transept intersect.
A Passageway to the outside of the Nave that forms a walkway around the Apse of a church.
A row of windows piercing the Nave walls of a Basilica or church above the level of side aisles.
Ribbed Groin Vault
A compound masonry vault, the groins of which are marked by projecting stone ribs.
A building or part of a church, often round or octagonal, in which sacrament of baptism is administered. It contains a baptismal font, a receptacle of stone or metal for water used in the rite.
Italian for "bell tower." A freestanding tower erected adjacent to a church; a common element in late medieval and Rrenaissance church building.
Rose Window
Round windows decorated with stained glass and tracery, frequently incorporated into facades and transepts of Gothic churches.
In church architecture, an elevated story above the Nave and usually open to it.
A doorway, gate, or entrance of imposing size. In Romanesque and Gothic churches, portals may be elaborately decorated.
Ornamental stonework in elaborate intersecting patterns, used either in windows or on wall surfaces.
Flying Buttress
An arch that springs from the upper part of the pier buttress of a Gothic Church, spans the aisle roof, and abuts the upper nave wall to receive the thrust from the nave vaults; it transmits the thrust to the solid pier buttresses.
An arcade running along the walls of a church above the nave, and usually pierced by three openings per bay.
Perpendicular Style
A painted or carved work of art placed behind and above the altar of a Christian church. It may be a diptych, triptych, or polytych having hinged wings.
A technique of wall painting know since antiquity. Pigment is mixed with water and applied to a freshly plastered area of a wall.
Book of Honors
A book for individual private devotions with prayers for different hours of the day; often elaborately illuminated.
The Duke of Berry
The International Style