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which publication prescribes Army policy criteria, and administrative instructions concerning individual and unit military awards

AR 600-8-22

What Army regulation covers salutes , honors and visits of courtesy

AR 600-25

Which Army doctrine publication covers Army Leadership

ADP 6-22

Which Army regulation covers Military justice

AR 27-10

Which Army regulation covers NCOER

AR 62-3

Which Army regulation covers supply economy

AR 710-2

What army publication covers rifle marksmanship

FM 3-22.9

What army publication covers field hygiene/sanitation

FM 21-10

What army publication covers first aid

FM 4-25.11

Which Army regulation covers army command policy

AR 600-20

What army publication covers map reading and land navigation

TC 3-25.26

Which Army regulation covers Army material maintenance

AR 750-1

What army publication covers Army physical fitness training

Fm 7-22

What army publication covers counseling

FM 6-22 apprendix B

What army publication covers NCO duties and responsibilites


What army publication covers drill and cermonies

TC 3-21.5

Which Army regulation covers enlisted promotions and reductions

AR 600-8-19